Produced by -Vettrivel Cinemas

Written and Wielded by-Jayachandran

Cast-Harikumar, Roshan Bhasir, Radha Ravi, Ravi Maria, Ashika Asokan, Kausalya etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time- 130 Minutes

Rating- ***

At times, scripts appear better in paper than on the screen but here, the translation on the screen from the level of the script looks impressive enough thanks to the innovative story idea of the director who has showcased a hamlet that maintains total control over their own neighborhood with strictly framed laws which the villagers need to comply with wholeheartedly or else, may have to face the consequences.

Tall looking Harikumar has been effective right through portraying the character of a man who wants to transform people by reforming them.

His ideologies appear noble and one can only wish each village has a crusader like him.

The first half deliberates as to how the entire village leads a disciplined life while the latter half the background behind.

The music of Baiju Jacob just passes muster while the cinematography of S.S. Ravimaaran Shivan has effectively canned the rural beauty well.