Produced by-Tamil Exotic Films

Directed by-Rahul R.Krishna

Cast-Younes, Elvin Juliet, Akil Prabhakaran, Sisira etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-114 Minutes

Rating- ***

Conceived and crafted on the lines of Escape Room, this is a nail-biting thriller presented in a reasonably good fashion though the initial sequences do not move on a rapid pace!

Once the scene is set in a room where the lead pair get locked up, action starts and from then on, there is never a dull moment!

Adam (Younes) admits his mother to the hospital after her condition worsens. Similarly, Maria (Elvin Juliet) who is involved in an accident is admitted to the same hospital for treatment. At one point they kidnap both of them and keep them in a secret place. With their hands and feet tied, they try to escape from the place by escaping from Atili. But Peervizhi has a secret plan to kidnap both of them. He tortures them both for that. The film answers why he kidnapped the two and what was the kidnapper’s plan.

Younes, who played the protagonist, comes across as a vibrant young man. The actor looks like Vijay in the polygons. He has done what the director told him in acting. Nothing to complain about. Heroine Evelyn Juliet has shown good facial expressions in the escape scenes. His screen presence is satisfactory. Producer Shanmugam Ramasamy, who plays the villain, gives a flawless performance and shows the villainy.

Through the roles of hero and heroine, they have shown the psychological truth that people who decide to commit suicide, when their lives are in danger, they want to escape and survive. The brutality of the villain is also shown as he enjoys their escape attempts to the core.

Aima also means divine power

The signal that it is a thriller film is visible at the very beginning of the film. Makes you wonder if it’s a ghost film and slowly turns into science fiction.

Juliet gives the hero a lip-to-lip kiss to find the clue to escape and then launches a sudden kick.

When the scene is suspenseful like nobody’s place, suddenly the entry of villains and minions dilutes the suspense.

Shanmugam Ramasamy, who comes as the villain, comes in a different guise and threatens. Shanmugam, the villain, speaks a verse in the style of “Ivan avanillu ava ivanilla”.

The film has a total of ten songs composed by KR Rahul. If there are 10 songs in a suspense thriller, yes, 10 songs. Even after the climax the song continues on the screen.

Vishnu Kannan has filmed the scenes in a narrow room.

Rahul R. Krishna has tried to tell the story in Hollywood science fiction style. The scenes could have added even more dynamism.

A survival thriller that packs a punch!