“Kalakkal Comedy Gangster”
Jaya TV is broadcasting a special Diwali celebration on Diwali Day Sunday at 11.30 AM in the program “Kalakkal Comedy Gangster” featuring small screen stars and our gangster team.
Actress Vasundhara and Nanda Master are present as special guests in this event. Also in this event, the gangster group is divided into boys vs gals and come into two groups.
The program is hosted by the famous anchor Kamal. This program is produced and directed by D. Rajaratnam on behalf of Aira Company in association with Jaya TV. A mix of fun, fun and comedy, this entertaining special program airs on Jaya TV on Diwali on Sundays at 11:30 PM.
“Special menu” for Diwali on 12th November on Jaya TV
“Is the happiness of life before marriage? After marriage?”, Mr. Solvin Selvar. Famous speakers led by Manikandan, Mr. Ravikumar, Soller farmer Mr. Narayana Govindan, Mr. Kalidas before marriage..! Arguing that …… and literary genius Mr. Thamal Saravanan, Nattamil Nangai Smt. After the marriage of Achaya, musician Rajapalayam Umashankar…! Vadadi’s thought-provoking and laugh-out-loud “Special Pattimanram” will be aired on Jaya TV on Sunday, November 12 at 10.00 am on Diwali.