Produced by Koustubh Entertainment and presented by KJR Studios, Aalambana is a fantasy comedy film directed by Pari K Vijay and starring Vaibhav and Parvathy.

The film, which has been developed as a family entertainer to be watched by everyone from children to adults, is slated to hit the screens on December 15. The press meet of the film was held in the presence of friends from the press, media and industry for the film crew to attend.

In this festival..

Dindigul I Leoni said..,
I have acted in two films before but in Alambana I played a bigger role. I have more costumes than anyone else in the film, such a big character. A lot of stars have acted in the film. Munishkanth fan I laugh and enjoy his comedy. Kali Venkat has acted brilliantly. My grandson is played by Vaibhav. A very good man was a great support to me. There is no casual character in the film. Grandfather character dancing with dancers. The director tried so hard to make me dance in the film. The movie has come out well and is a great movie to watch with kids. Please support. Thanks.

Actor Kali Venkat said…
Mundasubatti assistant director Pari has directed this film and we all worked from the same set initially. It is a pleasure to work with him now on the screen. The comedy in the film was even better when I watched it than when I was shooting it. It was a pleasure to act with my friend Munishkanth. It was a pleasure to work with Vaibhav and Parvathy. My thanks to the director producer.

Actor Kabir Singh said…
Thanks to the director. Thank you for giving me a chance in this film. I loved the story itself. Acting with Vaibhav and Parvathy was a joyous experience. This is a very good film. When you watch the film in theaters, you will feel it, support the film, thank you.

Cinematographer Vinod said..
In this film, the big success is the integration of all the actors as needed for the story. Everyone looked like their movie. The film is pure comedy from beginning to end. Munishkanth is confused. The art director was a big help to me. Thanks to him. Thanks everyone for supporting the film.

Actor Munishkanth said…
My thanks to all the director, producer, hero and heroine. I have acted in all their films like KJR Studios is my own production company. This movie will make you laugh your heart out. The film will be a hit for kids. Thanks to the director and cinematographer for making me look beautiful. Thank you for watching and supporting the film.

Kaplan Vairamuthu said..
A long time dream of friend Barry K Vijay. We have been talking about this film for a long time. Glad the movie is finally coming to the screen now. I love Wibau’s sense of comedy. As a protagonist, his comedy within certain boundaries is very well worked out. In this film I have written 4 songs in hip hop adi music. Director Pari is clear about who he is shooting for. For him, this film should win big. Due to the Chennai floods, we are currently stuck in a very sad period and this film should be a film that will bring us out of it and make us laugh. Thanks to everyone.

Director Barry K Vijay said..
When I told this story to the producer, the producer said that this story is a good story, if it is done well, it will run. He spent more on the film than I thought and heard. It is because of him that the film has turned out well. It’s harder to take than what’s written but we’ve worked it out with joy. Both Vaibhav and Parvati understood me and supported me. Similarly, Munish Kant came to mind when I thought of Goblin. Well acted. Anandraj, Pandiyarajan, Kalivenkat have all worked hard. It was Dindigul I Leoni who came to mind as the grandfather character in the film. He has also done well. Hiphop Adi has composed the music in an amazing way. Peter Hein brings master action for kids to enjoy. We made the film very hard and now it is coming to the screen. I request the media people to take this movie to everyone and include it. Thanks.

Actress Parvathy said..
My favorite genre is fantasy comedy. I am very happy that I got the chance to film Alambana in that genre. It was a pleasure to work with such good people as Munish Kanth, Kali Venkat and Anandraj in this film. Vaibhav was very supportive of me. This movie will be enjoyed and laughed at by everyone, from young to adults. Give your support to this film

Actor Vaibhav narrated his experiences while acting in the film and mentioned that he looks forward for a change of image too hoping that this flick would do the needful…