World hero Kamal Haasan praises producer-director KR for his innovative ‘One Ticket Get One Free’ scheme introduced for his film ‘Airam Porkasusu’

Letter from Producer KR:

Mr. Kamal Haasan to…

Hello… On 22nd I am releasing a comedy movie called “Airam Porkasusu” across Tamil Nadu. Vidharth Saravanan Arundhati Nair and many others have acted in this film.

In the current scenario, fans come to the theaters only for films starring big actors. Other actors’ films don’t get fans from day one. Due to this, shows are canceled in many theaters. As a result, the film is removed within a day or two. Even if the reviews show that some films are good, when the fans come to see the film, the film is not there. I have taken up a new initiative with the idea that we should do something to face such a difficult situation. In other words, I have announced a program of “Buy one ticket, get another ticket free” only for the first day’s first show in all theatres.

It has been well received by the fans as well as the producers.

You are always at the forefront of innovating and revolutionizing the film industry. I hope that those who are trying to save the screen industry will definitely understand the need for this. So if this initiative reaches the fans and crowds come to the premiere on the first day, it will help other small films as well. So if you support this initiative then surely this movie will be successful. If this concept succeeds, it is sure to become a success for the entire film industry.

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World hero Kamal Haasan appreciation message:

Nice try…I’m always a fan of small films that break barriers. I am the same person. Future stars are emerging either from small films or playing small roles in big budget films. Small is not only beautiful but can surely grow big someday. But the big gets bigger and stops at a point. Greetings.

  • Kamal Haasan

All the very best. I am always in favor of small but path breaking films. That is how I got my break. The future stars will rise from smaller films only or at least from smaller roles in bigger films. Small is not only beautiful but will one day definitely grow to be big. Big will get bigger and will stop at a particular point. Congratulations