TV serial hero Sidhu’s debut film ‘Aghori’

BVR Cinemas’ movie ‘Aghori’ is releasing on December 15!

Sayaji Shinde’s ‘Aghori’ with a different performance.

Sidhu has grown into an actor who has found a home in the minds of people through TV serials. His serials like Varivan, Raja Rani are very popular. He will make his film debut as a hero in the movie ‘Aghori’. He has shown his talent through small screen till now and has stepped into the world of big screen.

The movie ‘Aghori’ has also been made with the unique performance of Sayaji Shinde, who became popular as Bharathi through the movie ‘Bharathi’. Like him, many character actors who have made a mark as great actors through their previous films have acted.

Motion Film Picture Suresh K. Produced by Menon. The film is directed by debutant director D.S. Rajkumar .The story is about the struggle of an aspirant who is Shivanati and the evil forces.

It is a complete entertainer. Commercial features for all age groups from six to sixty have been developed to be in the film.

The film also features Sayaji Shinde’s scenes with Aghoris set by Harithuvar, and scenes with Aghoris on a large set in the jungles of Kerala.

The computer graphics scenes in the film are eye-catching. Jakulla Babu, who became famous with the Telugu film ‘Saha’, is playing the villain in the Tamil film. Her height is 6.5 “. Shruti Ramakrishnan is playing the heroine. She is an awardee of the Karnataka state government. She is also the heroine of ‘144’.

Along with them, Mime Gopi, Darling Madanagopal, Ryamika, Madhavi, Vetri, Karthi, ‘Kalakkappovatu Yaaru’ Sarath and Designer Pawan also star. New artists trained in Goothupattarai have also acted in the film.

Vasant is the cinematographer for Akhori. He is the cinematographer of Ego and Kalthuppakki. Music by Four Music. They are recently gaining fame in Kerala. It is a collaboration of four composers. The crew is happy that the graphics have turned out to be menacing, Akshaya Studios’ Ashok Kumar of Ratchasan’s CG team has worked on the film.
Art Director Jayachandran.

Censor officers who have seen the film ‘Aghori’ have praised it as a good entertaining horror story.
It is U/A certified so children can watch it with adults.

The film is being released in theaters by PVR Cinemas. PVR Cinemas, which has released many huge hits, has increased the film’s credibility and commercial value since releasing the film.


Producer Suresh K.Menon presents

AGHORI is all set to haunt your senses with worldwide theatrical release on December 15

PVR Pictures to release the movie

Chennai (Dec 7, 2023): The makers of ‘AGHORI’, an edge-of-seat spine-shuddering supernatural thriller, have confirmed that PVR Pictures will release the film on December 15, 2023.

Actor Sidhu, who won the hearts of homes and family crowds with his spellbinding performances in TV serials like Raja Rani and Thirumanam is now embarking on his journey in the movie industry through the movie ‘Aghori’. The film is all set for the worldwide theatrical release on December 15, 2023, and the actor is keeping his fingers crossed, hoping for a good success of this movie.

Sayaji Shinde’s new dimensional avatar in ‘Aghori’ has been shaping up well. Motion Film Picture NIC Suresh K Menon is producing this film with debut filmmaker D.S Rajkumar helming the project. The film revolves around the combat that happens between evil spirits and an Aghori hermit, who is a follower of Lord Shiva. This is an out and out entertainer that will impress the audiences of all age groups. The film has been shot across the huge set backdrops of Haridwar in addition to some major portions filmed across Kerala’s thick forests, which includes the combination scenes of Sayaji Shinde’s character and other Aghori hermits.

The film will have top-notch Computer Generated graphic works, which will offer a tremendous visual treat for the audiences. Telugu actor Jakkulla babu will be seen playing the antagonist in this movie. Shruthi Ramakrishnan is playing the female lead role in this film. It is worth mentioning that she has been honored by Karnataka State Government for her best performances. She was earlier seen playing one of the lead roles in Tamil movie 144 as well. Mime Gopi, Siddhu, Darling Madhana Gopal, Riyamika, Madhavi, Vetri, Karthi, Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru fame Sarath and Designer Bhavan have played important roles.

Vasanth is handling cinematography, who has already gained good recognition for his works in movies like Ego, Kalla Thuppakki.