The Pan India movie is Ground Force with three protagonistsWho is the hero and who is the villain?The movie ‘Tharaippadai’ is being shot on an airport set at a huge cost!As soon as the story of a film starts, you will know who is the hero and who is the villain of that film. All film stories are set in the same pattern. The fans who watch the film will know who is the hero and who is the villain in the beginning of the film. But in a story, the black and white pages of the respective characters are flipped so that it is not known who is the hero and who is the villain. Who is the hero of the fans? Who is the negative hero? I don’t understand that.It is a film that is being developed as such a story’Ground Force’.It is a story about gangsters.A fraudster extorts people’s money through chain marketing known as multi-level marketing. This gang of gangsters grabs the money from that gang. In this way the money is going to people alternately. In the end, the journey takes place in such a way that it is impossible to say where it will go. Who is good when watching the story and scenes of the film? Who is the bad guy? It is a film that is developing rapidly in a way that is not known’Ground Force’. This movie is directed by Ramprabha. On behalf of Stonex Company P.B. Produced by Velmurugan.What ground force is that?That is, how does a violent gang of ordinary people gather and harass others? How does it accomplish covert and illegal activities as a group? It is to refer to the idea thatNamed as ‘Ground Force’.Jeeva, Prajin and Vijay Vishwa are three protagonists in the film. All three heroes are searching for their own identities. Her character was talked about in Jeeva starrer Kombu. This Jeeva is well known among Rajini fans.Similarly, Prajin is an actor who chooses a good story. His movie D3 has collected more in Kerala than in Tamil Nadu.Vijay Vishwa is well known to people through his social services and roles in some notable filmswho is laid. All three people with such separate identities have acted as protagonists.They are paired with three debutant heroinesActing.After spending crores of rupees for the film, a huge airport set designed by the art director Ravindran Kaivanna has been built. Important scenes of the film have been shot in it.Six fight scenes have been filmed under the direction of Mrittal SelvaWith director RamprabhaSuresh Kumar Sundaram, Manoj Kumar Babu, Ramnath, Ravindran, Mittal Selva, S.V. The film has been made in alliance with various talents like Jaymati, Rak Shankar, Charan Bhaskar, Rajan Ree, Gurudarshan, Meghamootam Vaidhi, Nitish Sriram, Bavishi Balan, Sri Sai Studio, Venkat.Since the story of the film can be enjoyed across languages, it is not only Tamil but also translated into other languages like Telugu and Hindi. Like thisThe film ‘Tharaipai’ is being made as a Pan India film. The technical work of the film is currently underway.