Produced by-Lord P International and VVK Entertainment

Written and Wielded by-Aran V.

Cast-Shariq Hassan, Ammu Abirami, VJ Ashiq, Anupama Kumar, Madhumitha and Aran V.

Censor Rating-U

Running Time-109 Minutes


Way back in 1969, a Jeetendra starrer carrying the same title, (Jigri Dost) was made that was eventually remade in Tamil as Maattukaara Velan with MGR!

Well, this flick has nothing to do with those flicks which were eventually remade from a Kannada film!

The plot of this film circles around three friends besides a small love angle as one of the boys has a girl friend but the romance takes a back seat in this action packed thriller that appears as a film on friendship to begin with!

Of course, the three friends (Shariq Hassan, VJ Ashiq and Aran V) share their moments of fun but as the plot unfolds, the film turns into a thriller with a young girl getting kidnapped while the three friends inadvertently stumble upon the proceedings in their quest to rescue the girl. In the bargain, they get caught by the henchmen and the climax is set in the NIA office (National Investigation Agency) headed by a lady officer (Anupama Kumar)

The screenplay lacks seriousness and hence appears amateurish at places.

Performance-wise, Ashiq is quite impressive with his well timed one-liners.

Anyway, a fairly good time pass that works well at places.