The film ‘Kumbari’ is produced by Kumaradas under the banner of Royal Enterprises. Written and directed by Kevin Joseph, this film is centered on the friendship of young people and the love between brother and sister.’Kumbari’ is a comedy action movie about love and friendship!The film ‘Kumbari’ is being made in the background of weaving land!A love story on a journey ‘Kumbari’!Vijay Vishwa, Naleep Zia, Mahana Sanjeevi, Janvijay, Baruthiveeran Saravanan, Chams, Madhumitha, Senthi Kumari, Kathal Sukumar and others have acted in this film.The film is written and directed by Kevin Joseph.Prasad Arumugam is the cinematographer, Jayaprakash and Jayson Prithivi are the music directors, DS Jay is the film editor, Rajumurugan is the choreographer, Mirakal Michael is the fight director, Santhosh Pappanangadu is the art director, Vinothan, Arun Bharti and Sirkazhi Chilpi are the lyricists.A helpless man and an orphan boy become friends from a young age. Then it tightens and becomes a firm bond.They earn their living by fishing.One day a young girl from another town is chased by a rowdy gang. She asks everyone in sight for help.Seeing this, they feel angry and pity, but hesitate to come to help.She screams that there is no one to save me, but no one comes.Everyone hesitates.Nayak notices this and she also appeals to Nayak. He beats up the mob that chased her. Those who have received the blows laugh without showing any effect. The hero stands without understanding.What’s worse is that the chased young woman is laughing too, because it’s a Frank show. The hero who plays with the emotions of the public and ignores their business purpose, he slaps the heroine saying that no one will come to save her when there is a real danger due to such fake actions. She falls in love with the hero who has such a cut-and-dried character. The couple runs away from the town when her brother opposes her love. … What happens between them after that is the story of ‘Kumbari’.Speaking about the film, producer Kumaradas said, “This is a love story that goes on a journey. Like Sivakarthikeyan’s ‘Manam Kothip Parvee’, this film is a journey made by lovers. The film is made as a full-length entertainer with a mixture of love, friendship, comedy and action.Kumbari means friend in the case of local fishermen of Kumari land.Although this film is a love story, the film also talks about friendship.A song in the film is about friendship and it creates a friendship.The beauty of Kumari’s soil, the language smelling of soil and the songs give a different color to the film. In this film, the story is mixed with love, comedy and friendship and reflects the contemporary social trends.The shooting of the film ‘Kumbari’ has been done in the coastal areas of Kanyakumari, Nagercoil, Muttam and the dense forests of Kerala. The fact that they completed the film in a single phase of 30 days is a testament to their planning. Kumbari’ is produced by Kumaradas on behalf of Royal Enterprises.’Kumbari’ is releasing worldwide on 5th January 2024. The film is being released by 9V Studios.