Cultural Revolution to Restore Human Dignity – Director Pa. Ranjith

Let’s stand together with Pa. Ranjith Appreciation of Parthiban, G. V. Prakash in Margazhiilmakalisai.

According to the statement that “art is political action”, director Pa. Ranjith. is uncompromisingly promoting his political action in each of his works. Apart from directing films, Ranjith is also doing various social and artistic work. Through his Neelam Cultural Centre, he has been doing various endeavors beyond cinema such as producing documentaries and staging plays. Also “Neelam Culture Centre”, “Kookai Film Movement”, “The Castleless Collective”, “Neelam Monthly Magazine”, “Neelam Publishing House”, “Neelam You Tube”, ‘Neelam Books’, Neelam Productions have pioneered their activities with great vision. is coming
In that way, the band ‘Casteless Collective’ has so far staged songs about domestic politics and social issues through music and song.
In recognition of that, the ‘Casteless Collective’ has accumulated public appreciation and various awards. In continuation of this, at the end of 2020, a program called “Margazhiil Lokasisai 2020” was held for the first time in Chennai by Neelam Cultural Center as a program to honor the rejected arts in order to celebrate the new year as a new year of equality.
As an extension of this, KGF is currently organizing the program “Margazhiil Makkalisai 2023” for the 4th time in 2023. It was held at three places namely Hosur and Chennai.

It was announced that the event will be held on 28th, 29th and 30th at Santhome School in Mylapore, Chennai. In this context, on the occasion of the death of actor Captain Vijayakanth on the 28th, all the programs that were scheduled to take place on that day have been postponed.

Following this, a silent tribute was paid to Captain Vijayakanth on the 29th and a public program was started at Margazhi. Many songs from the film in which he acted were sung in his memory at the event.

The second day of the event started yesterday (30th) with Villupuram Band Set’s stage-shattering music of the People’s Music Khana, Thamma the Band, Karinthalakoottam, Indu and the Ambasa group, meanwhile, Sintha Raev Ravi, Sintha Raev Ravi, Kariyapatti, who spoke as the voice of the oppressed people. Rajasekhar, Asanoor Savarimuthu, Rajabart Macyarpatti Maharaja were awarded “Makalisai Mamani 2023” and 50 thousand cash.

Writer Tamil Prabha hosted this grand concert which was held for two days.

Directed by Parthiban Music Composed by GV Prakash Actors Guru Somasundaram, Dinesh, Maimgopi, Janvijay, Ashok Selvan, Shantanu, Prithvipandiarajan, Keerthi Pandian,
Sanjana and comrade Selva, Grace Panu,
Jayarani, TKS Ilangovan, Mallaisathya, directors Jay, Dhinakaran, Shaan, Manoj, and many other politicians, academicians, government officials were present.

At the end of the event, Sindhai Rave Ravi, Kariyapatti Rajasekhar, Asanoor Savarimuthu, Rajabard Mackyarpatti Maharaja
After giving the awards

Director and actor Parthiban said,

“I don’t see this platform as a populist platform, I see it as a political platform. All those who participated in this event. Ranjit has created a forest fire. Thanks to these people who have come here. I see director Ba.Iranjith as a leader for these people. I used to listen to auspicious music in Margazhi, but now I am listening to folk music. This country is for the people. This music is for the people and this kind of stage is for the people. Somewhere in a small village, in a mountain village, finding artists who are unknown to the world, setting up a stage for them and giving them a chance is commendable. We should all work together with Pa. Ranji to implement such initiatives,” he said.

Composer GV Prakash said, “I see this folk performance as a statement. I came to this event last year. I have come this year too. I will continue to participate in the initiatives of Ba.Iranjith. “Art is for the people,” he said.

Director Ba.Iranjith said in closing, “The folk show in Margazhi is a cultural revival, thank you very much for your support for four years. It is heartening to see your turnout and continued support for programs like this to succeed and continue. This is a cultural revolution that restores humanity. We will continue to walk in the path of revolutionary Ambedkar” he said.
Finally the stage was rocked by the rousing music of Knowledge and Ambasa. A large number of people attended and celebrated the event.