My race has no such history”; Semaan, at ‘Salliyargal’ Film Event! History never lies.. it should not..” ; Seeman’s fury at ‘Salliyargal’ film event! “Salliyars have shot the film with care like touching a honeycomb” ; Semaan Appreciation Watching the movie ‘Salliyargal’ gave me the feeling of reading a novel” ; Director Ponram “Sallyyargal” is the first film about an ethnic cleansing to be certified by the censors; Karunas Pride Karunas spoke openly about the property he will leave to his son at the ‘Salliyargal’ film festival**“He acted like a ghost”; Director V. Gauthaman praises the heroine of ‘Salliyargal’ An attempt is being made to frame me as a criminal in front of the Tamils” ; Director V. Gauthaman’s shocking news at the ‘Salliyars’ event! “Salliyargal will satisfy the longing of Tamil fans for foreign war films”; Actor Thirumurugan'”The movie ‘Salliyargal’ is like a movie if you kiss on the cheek”; Appreciation by Producer Thenappan Kalaimamani Sethu Karunas and Karigalan jointly produced the film ‘Salliyargal’ under the banner of ICW. This is the second film under the direction of director Kittu who directed Medagu.Sathya Devi plays the lead role as Dr. Nandini, Karunas as her father, Thirumurugan of Kalavani fame as the army villain and Mahendran as Dr. Sembiyan. Many more newcomers have also acted in this film.Karunas son actor Ken and his friend Ishwar have composed the music for this film, which has songs written by poet Kavipperarasu Vairamuthu.The special event of this film was held last evening at Prasad Label, Saligramam, Chennai. Producers Kalaipuli S. Thanu, PL Thenappan, Siva Gilari, directors V. Goudaman, Ponram and Naam Tamilar Party President Seeman and others participated as special guests in this event.Speaking at this event, the producer *Kalipuli S. Thanu said, “The Salliars are not ordinary people.. They are going to create an era and history..”Producer Siva Gilari said, “I know a little bit of Tamil but I feel a little scared because Annan Seeman is sitting here. So I am going to speak in Tamil only. My first film was ‘Vishitran’. The second film is ‘Destination is not far’. Karunas is playing the lead role in it. Making a film is not an easy task. If you write something positive about the film, the theaters will get crowded. We depend on theaters,” he said.Director Ponram said, “They showed the film to invite me to this ceremony. These sallies are wonderful creations. The actress who plays the role of Nandini in this film is not known for how many days of training, she has acted so well. It is an earthy sentimental film. It felt more like reading a novel than say a movie. The battle scenes also seem to have been filmed with proper training,” he said.*Producer PL Thenappan speaking,* :Director Kittu had done well in his first film Methaku. It was a huge hit in OTD. I saw this movie too. It has come out as a good quality work. Don’t look at this as a Sri Lankan film, look at it as a romantic film like Kiss on the Cheek. Karunas’ son Ken is still maturing as a musician. He has composed the music for this film beautifully,” he said.* Director V. Gauthaman speaking,* “Kitu told me this story before Salliyar was made. In a way, my son Tamil Gauthaman was to act as the hero of this film. But could not switch to this immediately as he was in a different look to act in another film. It gave me a thrill while listening to the story and when I watched the film, especially after watching the second part, it left an impression on me and director Ponram. In this film, the woman who plays the heroine is acting like a ghost. I don’t know if any great actress on screen today could have given that performance. He blew our minds with his performance.Those words of Bharatiyar saying Arulwai nannenche to the enemy are only suitable for Tamils. This film conveys that idea. The enemy wants to destroy even the doctors who save the wounded in the struggle.. That is the theme of this movie.. The one who saves is equal to God. Sinhalese, the enemy, wants to destroy that god, but our Tamils are the race that wants to save him. It is possible only for those who have been brought up by Medagu Prabhakaran. This creation should be celebrated by the Tamil nationSpeaking the subject matter is the glory of creation. This film talks about it. 15 years ago through the series ‘Chandanakadu’, Veerappan’s life without any compromise and in the face of all the threats of the government, he bravely told only the truth. I had It is still talked about today. At the same time, many lies and fictional stories are being told about Veerappan today. But even today no one here seems to give a solution to the people who were affected then. I took up the Chandanakadu series as a preview of the heroic Eelam struggle as a film. One day more creations will come to shake this world like sandalwood. I will not rest without doing it.In today’s environment there is an attempt to frame me as a criminal in front of a certain percentage of Tamils and I don’t care about that. The Sinhalese who fought and killed are still united. “Tamilism should no longer allow an environment that makes lies true,” he said.* Actor Thirumurugan speaking,* “Though I have acted in many films, this film is the film that fulfills my heart. I acted in a short film made by Thambi Kittu in the beginning. But could not act in Medagu movie. Kittu is an important creator for the Tamil community. Salliyar will be a bigger hit than Medagu. Salliyar is a film that takes place on the battlefield. But as far as the audience is concerned, it is a hero-villain film. Full entertainment movie. This is a story that takes place between a demonic crowd and a virtuous crowd. If you are a die hard fan then you will 100% love this movie. If you are a Tamil connoisseur, you will like it a thousand times. Karunas Annan is responsible for bringing this work to a large scale. This film will definitely give him a big hit. Those of us who watch foreign films centered on the war field feel nostalgic that why a film like this does not come in our country. He said that this film will be the best film among the films that focused on the battlefield in our town.Vashikaran, who has been running the Norway Film Festival for many years, said, “Our race, which fought non-violently, had to fight with arms. Today we are in a position to fight with intellectual weapons. In the last 14 years they think that the M race has fallen. The Norwegian Film Festival was started in 2010 with one of the 10 objectives of bringing the right films through the medium of cinema. For the past 14 years, we have been selecting films from Tamil Nadu that speak about the art, culture, culture, lifestyle and pains of Tamils, and how that cinema should be if the identity of Tamils. In that way Thambi Kittu Medaku was told through Kalaikoothu with beautiful story movement. Whether in Tamil Nadu or Tamil Eelam, it is sad that films are being released in such a way as to inculcate the culture of drugs and violence. We have to fight a lot for films like Salliyar to be released both in Tamil Nadu and abroad. We will bring out this film beyond all that,” he said.Actor Sethu Karunas said, “When Kittu decided to make this film, he brought Ravana from Paramakudi to me. A person who does not have all the great facilities and opportunities. But he was the one who initiated this film by giving 10 lakh rupees as advance payment. When only a person living in an ordinary village has this feeling, I, who am in the cinema, felt the urge to do something because of this language and race. Bring out the hidden history of Tamils. At this time I would like to express my gratitude to Thambi Karikalan who has been supporting me till this moment by giving me an inspiration saying that I stand by you.I got the idea of making this film after watching the film ‘Methaku’ directed by Kittu. He has also done this correctly. As a producer, I have done what he asked me to do. He has also worked honestly and sincerely for this film and we are going to release this film in the month of February. I think this will be the first film that I know of that has been certified by the censors to make a historical record of a problem in Tamil cinema, an ethnic annihilation.Another reason I took this picture was because of my son, Ken. He has composed the music for this film. But the question my son asked me was that why are you spending money to make such a dry, serious, this kind of film at such a difficult time? He said that even when they are in love, they talk about soil, race and language, who will accept all this in this age.The period when this happened to him was then.. Fighters fell in love and got married.. I have also seen many people.