Sangadam Theerkum Saneeswaran to return on Colors Tamil

Colors Tamil television is heavy on mythological and supernatural themes at the moment, The channel now brings back its fans’ favourite show Sangadam Theerkum Saneeswaran from December 4. The daily show (Mon-Fri, 6pm) is Co-produced by Colors and Swastik Productions. Directed by Siddharth Kumar Tewary, Sangadam Theerkum Saneeswaran stars Salil Ankola as Surya, Diwakar Pundir as Vishnu, Tarun Khanna as Shiva, Kartikeya Malaviya as the young Shani, and Juhi Parmar as his mother.
The production design of Sangadam Theerkum Saneeswaran have been designed by Amit Singh, and involve the efforts of over 600 workers. The sets are divided into four zones, one of which is the jungle in which Shani grows up. This set is spread across 25,000 sq ft. There is the netherworld of the asuras, characterised by a blood-red colour scheme. Note that even the asuras have a wardrobe allowance. The opulent costumes are by Shweta Korde.
Sangadam Theerkum Saneeswaran is the saga of the most powerful and misunderstood deity. The show will trace Shani’s life as he faces injustice at the hands of his father, Surya Dev, upon his birth. It leads up to him becoming the penultimate messiah of justice, maintaining a delicate balance between the Devta and Asura worlds. An epic tale with a magnanimous setting laden with visually spectacular grand and opulent themes, Sangadam Theerkum Saneeswaran, will air every Monday to Friday at 6 pm on Colors Tamil.
The show will transport the viewers to an era where the volatile relationship between the Devtas and Asuras led to the ‘Devasur Sangram’ – the ultimate battle for dominance. As the war turns fiercer, Lord Shiva intervenes to announce that the Trinity is making way for a new energy that will maintain the balance between good and evil. And thus, Shani is born. A child born to the god of light Surya Dev and Chhaya, his wife Sangya’s shadow. But Shani is scorned at birth. Banished from Suryalok to be raised by Chhaya in a forest, Shani begins his journey on the path of karma. As he grows older, he unflinchingly continues to deliver justice in the toughest situations, giving preference only to the supreme truth.
Watch Sangadam Theerkum Saneeswaran only on Colors Tamil at 6 PM & digitally on JioCinema.