“Udanpal” won the best film award at the Chennai International Film Festival !!Producer K on behalf of D Company. V. Produced by Durai and directed by debutant director Karthik SrinivasanThe film “Udanpal” won the second best film award at the 21st Chennai International Film Festival.The Chennai International Film Festival has crossed 20 years and the 21st year was held with great fanfare. Many quality films from all over the world are being screened at this festival. More than 1000 film lovers are visiting this festival.In this festival, 12 amazing works participated in the best film competition from Tamil. The film “Udanpal” which was screened at the festival garnered huge appreciation from the fans.Director Karthik Srinivasan, actor Charlie, actor Linga, actress Gayatri, actress Abernathy, Vivek Prasanna, KPY Deena, Nuckalites Thanam, cinematographer Madan Christopher, music director Sakthi Balaji and other technical artists also attended the screening of the film.The film, which has a wonderful screenplay that tells the extent to which relations will go for money in today’s society against a family background, has received a huge response from the film buffs.In this case, at the final ceremony held yesterday, the film Uthupal won the award for the second best film. Producer K. V. Director Karthik Srinivasan received the award for the production of Durai.50000 check for the producer and 50000 check for the director along with the award.When ‘Udanpal’ won the award, the fans applauded the crew with a big round of applause.The film, which has garnered praise from critics, fans and screen buffs, is now available to watch on the Aha Tamil OTT site.