No place here for a good film – Lyricist Priyan !!

Why are all the films shown on TV more than 300 times in theaters now?
Give Theater to Small Films – Lyricist Priyan !!

When a big film comes, they shoot small films – Lyricist Priyan !!

Cinema is now in corporate hands, it should be in the hands of creators – Lyricist Priyan !!

Produced by Tamilthiraikudom, the movie “Aranam” written and directed by famous lyricist Priyan is playing the lead role. As the film, which has been developed as a different horror thriller, is going to hit the screens soon, the press meet of the film was held in the presence of the friends of the media, for the crew to attend.

In this festival..

Lyricist Bala said…
This is my first movie song, I have dreamed of becoming a lyricist since my childhood, I am happy to debut as a lyricist in the film where my teacher will debut as a hero. Thanks to music composer Rajan Madha, the song Kathula Ena Thoothuthu will catch everyone’s attention. I hope everyone likes the film My Thanks to Tamil Cinema, Thanks to everyone.

Lyricist Sahana said..
The song Ariraro in the film Aranam was my first song when I was studying in Priyan sir’s Tamiltriappa course. I wrote the song but I wanted to give it a chance. Thanks to Priyan sir and Rajan sir who made me use it in the film. There are not many melodious songs nowadays. This film will satisfy that longing. Everyone will enjoy this movie, thanks everyone.

Editor PK said..
I have known Priyan sir for six years, sir and I have discussed the film many times and made it as a horror thriller in an innovative way. You will be in for a lot of surprises, I request you to bring this movie to people. Thanks

Cinematographer Naushat said..
Aranam means shield. Brian sir will not let go until the shot is good. I have done many films but I get scared if he comes next. He would smile and buy what he wanted. He has created the film perfectly. Give your support to the film. Thanks to everyone.

Heroine Varsha said..
First of all thanks to Brian sir for trusting me and giving me this opportunity. In the first film, someone would come along with the heroine, but in this film, I came alone and acted in the entire film. Everyone treated me so safely in the film. Priyan sir told everything. Brian sir, he wants everyone around him to grow. The film has a song for those who celebrate Tamil. I have dubbed myself in the film, you all will definitely like the film, please support the film, thank you.

Tamil theater producer Rajaram said…

I am the oldest among those who studied in the Tamil Trippa School. Brian never spoke angrily to anyone. I asked him why he was creating songwriters. He said that I came to Chennai with the dream of becoming a lyricist, Tamil language gave me life and this is all in exchange for that. He has an insatiable love for the Tamil language. This film was made through crowd funding. Initially, the film was to be directed by someone else and acted by someone else. Priyan sir eventually directed and acted on the advice of the students. Everyone knows the hardship he went through for this film. He will become a great actor. He made the film with great effort. This movie will definitely be a big hit

Lyricist Subba Rao said…
I trained in songwriting at the Tamilba College. He is the only one in the world who teaches songwriting. He gave me a chance when I took Aranam. Aranam is a horror comedy-thriller that everyone will love. All the songs are great. He has more than 250 songwriters as his students. His desire is to nurture students. There was a situation where the second schedule of the film could not be taken and he did not sleep for many nights. He has worked a lot for this film. This movie is great. Make this movie a hit. Thank you, this movie will definitely satisfy you.

Distributor Hari Utra said…

It is a great pleasure to release Aranam on behalf of our company. Priyan sir is my friend. Friendship became closer through this film. He has brought the film in a big way and now our responsibility has increased. This is the first time that the students have shot a film together for Guru. This movie is great. Everyone support the film. Red Giants releases a lot of films and we release films with that hope. But Udhayanidhi Sir should take some steps regarding the release. There are no thumbnails here
No, every week there are foreign language plays that take over the theater. But there is no chance for cartoons. Udhayanidhi Sir I request you to give an opportunity to small films and take action.Thank you.

Director Mohan Ji said,

Aranam is a very beautiful Tamil name. Now everyone has started giving their name in English. Congratulations to Priyan sir who gave his name in Tamil. I am happy that a crowd funding film has come out for release. Proudly this is the second crowdfunding film, mine is the first. 10 songwriters created by Priyan sir have produced this film together. The film should run for them. I have seen this movie very good story and screenplay. A great suspense thriller. Please watch and support everyone on the screen. Priyan sir has appeared in the film in both negative and positive roles. A Cinematic Impact The latest Veerappan series tells why he became Veerappan and what he did wrong and what happened to the people there. My thanks to the team for showing both negative and positive of Veerappan and telling the truth to people. Also, best wishes for the success of Aranam.

Director Actor Lyricist Priyan spoke..

Aranam is a great penance. This film is a great experience for me, if people who have been in cinema for 20 years are beaten to this extent, what will you do with newcomers to cinema? It is only in cinema that an art is destroyed from that field. Aranam has taught me a lot. The heroines did not attend the function of her film but Varsha worked as an assistant director in the film. Thanks to him, he has been working for the film till now. Cinematographer Naushad does whatever he says, thanks to him. Thanks to him, PK came and edited saying that I don’t need salary, I am working for this story. Thanks to the music composer who could not come due to health but gave good songs. Thank you to everyone who worked on this film thinking of it as their own film. Lyricists, I am proud to be on stage now. Thanks to my producers who trusted me and made the film completely. I am proud to have created 250 songwriters in my efforts, some said you are making enemies, but I am proud because win or lose, it is me that is my pride. Filming has become very difficult now. The film is not in the hands of the creators, it is in the hands of the corporate. There is no place for a good movie here. When a big film comes, they shoot small films that run well. Only one film is playing in a thousand theaters. Even if I come to a place like this and lose, I will stand tall and record that I am there. All the 300 crore to 400 crore films being made now are rubbish. If you take a picture, there are only blows, cuts and blood. Does the artist not need virtue? If only money is enough, can we do anything? Even the release of films can be tolerated. 10, 20 years old, Muthu and Aalavanthan are now coming and running in theaters. That is a film that has been shown on TV 300 times. There is a Muthu movie in YouTube where Rajini speaks in Japan. Why do you want to earn like this again and again. Leave some room for new movies. We have delivered a quality work. This is a writer’s work and you can never predict the second half by watching the first half of this movie and the whole movie will surprise you. Thanks everyone for watching and enjoying the movie.

Varsha is the female lead in the film directed and directed by music director Priyan. Many leading actors including Lagubaran and Keerthana have acted together. Cinematography by Nitin K Raj and Nausad. PK has done the editing. Music composed by Sajan Madhav.