Actor Vijay Vishwa at the Cambodia World Tamil Poets Conference!

Actor Vijay Vishwa was awarded the Shining Star Award by the Cambodian government!

Cambodia and Tamil Nadu have a 2000 year old traditional relationship. The influence of Tamil civilization and culture, which has been mixed through trade, is still present in Cambodia.Tamils live there too; Celebrating Tamil arts. As part of it, the Second World Tamil Poets Conference was held in Siem Reap, Cambodia.Tamil scholars, poets and poets from different countries of the world participated in the conference held from November 21 to 26.Kamatshi Amman Chief Atheenam Siva Sri Bhaskara Gurus in German Hum Nagar, Australian Revolutionary Poet and Prison Officer Ravichandran, Teacher and Radio Broadcaster Saratha Ravichandran, Social Activist Nawalur Muthu, Archaeologist Sugawanam, Bulavar Nandivarman, Dr. Vasuki Chithrasenan, Akilan.Tamil actor Vijay Vishwa attended.The World Tamil Poets Conference song was released in this event. The song was sung by Velmurugan and produced by Dr. B. Senthil Nathan on behalf of KV Media. Gnanam-Senu have combined. Music composed by GKV. He has written lotus verses.Actor Vijay Vishwa talks about his Cambodian travel experience.”When I went to Cambodia and saw the land and the people there, I was in awe of our Tamil culture. I could see the culture that our Tamils had spread across the ocean.It was a pleasure to go to Angkor Wat as a tourist and see the temples there.On the one hand, we were proud to see the temple built by our Tamil kings and saddened to see its ruins and trying to establish cultural symbols on it.Cambodian people are very respectful. The patient ones. When they interacted with us we got to know their culture. Tamil scholars in Cambodia have installed a statue of Thiruvalluvar in the head office of the Cambodian government to express Tamil culture. They are also involved in efforts to establish a Tamil seat in the Cambodian University.I was proud to know the work done by the Tamil activists Gnana Sekaran, Srinivasa Rao and Thamarai Srinivasa Rao in Cambodia in conducting the conference of poets well. No matter how much you praise and congratulate them.Seeing the Cambodian land and people feels like seeing our own people. Vijay Vishwa said, “It was a pleasure to see that the poets respected our language even though they did not know the language, and the university students sat quietly and responsibly. It was also a tribute to our language and culture.”