ZEE5 Original Documentary Series ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ Press Meet !!

‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ is an original documentary series that closely chronicles the life and history of India’s most notorious forest robber Veerappan. Prabhavathy has produced this documentary series under Theeran Productions. The series will premiere on December 14 exclusively on ZEE5

In this case, a special screening of this series was done for journalists. After the screening, the crew met friends from the press.

In this event..

Shyam Thirumalai spoke on behalf of ZEE5.
ZEE5 is back with a great series after 6 months. Many people have given positive reviews. This series was done by Prabha. Thanks to him and SR Prabhu sir for introducing him. I would like to thank three people in particular. These three are the creative team of this series. Jaychandra Hashmi was the first to speak for this series. He has written this series. He has also written in the latest label series. Vasant Research Head He did all the research. Third is Sarath, these three are the reason why this series is made. And thanks to everyone who worked on it.

Kaushik Narasimhan spoke on behalf of ZEE5.
This is a very challenging project for ZEE5. A very proud project. There is a lot of hard work behind it. It all started with Gopal sir and his team. They can’t say labor words. Anyone who sees this visual for the first time will get goosebumps. You will too. The pillars of this series are Sarath, Jai and Vasanth. Their research and the way they brought it to the ground is amazing. Thank you Prabha madam. Cinematographer Raj and Music Composer Satish are amazing. It will be a very proud creation for ZEE5. It’s now in your hands thanks.

Cinematographer Rajkumar said…
Second project with ZEE5. First of all thanks to Sham Prashanth. Thanks to Jai, Vasanth and Sarath. Thank you for trusting me with this project. Thank you all for liking this series.

Music composer Satish Raghunathan said..
A third project with ZEE5. Thanks to Sham for bringing me into this project. Thanks to Jai, Vasanth and Sarath for giving me complete freedom and using my music properly. Hope you enjoy and thank you.

Editor Ram Pandian said..
Thanks to ZEE5. Thanks to Jai, Vasanth and Sarath. We have worked for a year and a half. Hope you enjoy and thank you.

Prashant Balakrishnan said..
If you search for Veerappan now, you will get more than 500 videos. There have been many documentaries and beyond that this series has so many stories. Heroism, comedy, disappointment, pain are all there. There’s a lot on the unspoken side. Chief among them are the videos taken by Nakiran in 1996. I have to say journalistic dresser. When Prabha said this idea, it was good. Our Gopal sir told us how it should come. Veerappana is both a hero and a villain perfectly. This series is meant to be said in full. In history, there will be stories of defeated kings, there will be stories of victorious kings, but there will be no stories of people who died. In that way, Nakiran continues to tell the story of the people. The important series will be ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’. Thanks to Jai, Sarath, Vasanth and everyone involved. Thanks for being a proud piece of work creating discussions.

Nakiran reporter Subbu said that in 1993, two people came with me to meet Veerappan. We only took photos then. It came in Nakeeran. Everyone knows this. Later in 1996 we recorded the video and broadcast it. We have brought you a lot of information that we have collected through this documentary. Thanks to our editor Gopal for making this possible.

Director Sarath Jyoti said..
First project is very important for every director. We came out from Shankar sir and worked for a series. If Kovidala, it would be a hindrance. It was at that time that this opportunity came. This project was so awesome to hear. The first thing Veerappana identified for me was Nakiran’s book. Now while doing this project I read those books. The first awe-inspiring thing about Veerappan was his experience with journalists. It is huge. Gopal sir has identified all the journalists Veerappan interviewed him in his books. We were clear that this story should not be made into a film for any reason. Everything has real video recordings and testimonies. We have tried to tell you that from Veerappanoda’s side. Write three drafts and see the finale on the screen. A story that some see as Veerappana’s hero
[06:23, 12/13/2023] R. S. Prakash: Yes, you ask, no, it is our intention that this should not happen in any way. Repression is going on in the North now and it is being recorded. It may also be a documentary in the coming season. This will be the first time in Tamil. There are still many untold stories. There are many more videos, interviews, and many other tragedies. We researched everything and came up with 6 episodes. A documentary like this is very new for Tamil. But thanks to ZEE5 who decided to let this story go to the people and supported us. It was very difficult for us to go to the forest and make the sheet, but thanks to my cameraman Raj who took the camera on his shoulder and shot it. Music director Sathish is the last person who came to see a lot of people in the very Kurushualana time. He understood this format and made music according to it in just 5 days. Thanks to him. The editor gave very good editing. The reason why this project turned out well was my team of writers. We fought a lot. My thanks to Prabha, Jayachandra Hashmi and Vasanth. My team has worked very, very hard and I thank them all. After this project there are 30 years of work with Gopal Saro. He paid a high price for this. It is a great thing that he has preserved all this footage for so many years. Big thanks to him for trusting us. Thanks to all.

Author Jayachandra Hashmi
It all started with Nakeeran. First thanks to Gopal sir. After 30 years of hard work, he gave his life and trusted us with the Vachcha Putage. It gave us a huge responsibility. Thanks to him. He had great faith in us. We just wanted to keep that hope alive. Now watching this series, their happiness is our success. Next, Prabha joined us in making the dream come true and his hard work in bringing it to this point was immense. Among the many jobs, working on this was the greatest awe. Vasant will be back wherever in this series. Research is very important in this project. He is the one who actually sought out what we wrote and brought it before us, and for that we owe him the greatest thanks. String work is very important. He is the one who brought the dream we created together to the screen. He worked without any ego. We have brought to this series what we had in mind when we started. Big thanks to Sham, Kaushik, ZEE5 for trusting us to support such a series. Thanks to my crew. Nakiran identified Veerappan and it was Nakiran who brought out his mistakes and injustices done to people. That is what we have come up with. They say that good art should give shivers. It was a pleasure to work on such a proud creation.
Producer Prabhavathy said..
This is a very important platform for me. It was my father who brought me to this place. When I was young, when my father left, the house would cry and I would ask why. Abba was going to see Veerappan, they said he who killed the elephant was also the killer of men. I would think why father should go to see him. But one day he came from the forest and gave me a peacock, and Veerappan said that he had given it. How could Veerappan be such a simple person? It was during my college days that I started to know about him completely. I wanted to film his story one day. When I asked my father, he gave me a lot of tests. He said that if this is to be done, it should be done correctly. That’s how this journey began. As soon as we were going to prepare this, I went to SR Prabhu sir and he was very supportive and told me everything. We may have dreamed but got it right and gave great support from Sham, Kaushik and ZEE5. Both Jai and Vasanth supported my dream. Thank you Sarat for coming with us without any ego and working with us. Cinematographer Raj Kot within his work is great. Music composer Satish has done a great job. Many people have sacrificed their lives for this. Thank you to everyone who cared and supported us like Seeman and N Ram sir. Nakiran made Siddha who was with Veerappan surrender. Now it is an honor to film his simple life for Theeran Productions. If you support a good work, please support our work. Thank you.

Nakeeran Gopal said..
Sham, Kaushik Thanks for ZEE5 because first Nakiran takes guts, then Veerappan takes even more guts. But they have made it possible. Many people came to take Veerappan’s story. A lot of people asked before my daughter did. But there was a reluctance to do this properly. Even Balumakendra asked but I refused. Our team lost a lot for this. Everything that has come up to this point is Veerappan’s story from the police point of view. it
He gets angry when he sees it. It seems that there are so many victims, they need to be recorded and they need a solution. We fought hard for the victims. Only a .001 fraction is present. There is no relief till date for the affected people. They have correctly recorded the impact and pain. Proud that my daughter’s team has done it. Thanks to ZEE5 for daring to do this. This is 30 years of Nakeeran’s work, I like Veerappan and Veerappan likes me but nowhere has Nakeeran ever reported in favor of Veerappan. We sided with the affected people. In 1996, we brought Veerappan on video after many hardships. I just told them to give it all to them and get it right. They did it perfectly. All the artists who have worked in this have worked with so much dedication. After many years, they went in person and did a lot of research and brought that information. They have truly brought that story on the screen. Many of my team who worked for this have gone to jail, I went to jail for 9 months. Thanks to this team and ZEE5 for saving Nakeeran’s work.