Inime Nangatha Headlines Movie Trailer Launch !!

Presented by SAI RAM AVR Film Production and SPM Pictures Sai Saran, directed by Sai Prabha Meena, the film “Inime Nangata Headlines” is a poignant film focusing on women’s safety and exposing the oppression of women in the society.
The trailer launch of the soon-to-be-released film was held in the presence of press and media friends attended by celebrities and political figures from the Tamil film industry.

In this event..

Actor Sampath Ram said…
Inimie Naangatha Headlines, kudos to director Sai Prabha for this title. Everyone wants to hit the headlines. He has made a record by directing a film at this young age. I wish him all the best for becoming a great director. Jeeva has done super good stunts in the film. Everyone has acted well. I wish the film a huge success.

Director Sai Prabha Meena said…
The reason I am standing at this place is because of my teacher Jai Akash, to whom I am grateful. Anbu Selvan, President of the Short Film Producers’ Association, gave great support. Producer Ramkundala Asha believed in the film and gave me a chance to produce it. Madam Shakila ended up acting like a firecracker. Meesai Rajendran sir acted well. I know everyone here only through Jai Akash sir. My thanks to everyone. I have made this film focusing on women and their problems. The cinematographer was a great support. I have tortured the composer a lot. In this film, I have fought with everyone to make the film good. But they have worked dedicatedly for the film. There is no such thing as a small picture or a big picture, so don’t judge people’s skills by it. Elon Musk, who said that the world is crooked, rules the world today. I hope that the youth can win instead of me. My thanks to all.

Tamil Nadu Film Small Investment Producers Association R. K. Anbu Selvan said…
The director first made a film called Yokyan. Sai Prabha stopped taking the next film within six months of its release and brought it to the trailer festival. His talent should make this film a huge hit. Nowadays, they come to the stage after taking money and insulting the heroes and the badass. They refuse to talk about the film. This has to change. No one should be deceived in cinema. Thank you for saying that I will not let anyone cheat as long as I am there.

Actor Jai Akash said..
Director Sai Prabha is like my younger brother. He will do anything for me. He has a zeal to win. Yokyan is the film he made to become a director. Now he himself has directed the movie Inime Nangadan Headlines in his own effort. The trailer shots are all good. All the people in the film are my friends. Everyone has done well in the film. I have helped many people. But it is Sai who never forgets to thank. He has hard work and dedication and he should win. Congratulations to all.

Actress Shakeela said..
I am very happy. I only worked for a few days and the director gave me a good role. My thanks for creating Jai Akash creator. All four girls have acted very naturally and well without make-up. Everyone becomes a big actor from being a small director and a small actor. My best wishes to everyone who will make this film a big success.

National Democratic Party Vice President IJK G Bhupathi said…
The director has given a very good title. I got interested after listening to the director’s speech at a program and contacted him. I asked him to do a film with him. Then he said that we can do this film as soon as it is finished. The director has worked a lot for this film. It is definitely for his hard work that the film is a huge hit and has given the community the much needed work. Greetings to all.

Actor Birla Bose said..
Jai Akash is a master of all 24 crafts of cinema. Great personality. You can learn everything by watching him work in the film. Sai Prabha is also very talented and has worked very hard to make this movie. This movie is a great movie. Everyone is saying that Mr. Vijayakanth should be named after Nadyar Sangam. I will give a part of my salary on this stage for the actor’s union building should be well done first. The film will definitely be a hit thanks.

Actor Meesai Rajendran said…
My salutations to President Vijayakanth who introduced me to cinema and politics. Captain has introduced 53 directors as well as my congratulations to Jai Akash who is running. Cinema is the reason for my success and my life. Cinema keeps many people alive. I know a little about cinema. Many people today do not know cinema
People are talking. Cinema is very powerful. Achieving it is not that easy. I have acted in both Sai Prabha’s films and is a huge hard worker. He has suffered a lot for this film. The film turned out well. My best wishes for the success of the film.

Sai Prabha Meena
Raj Mithran
Mustache Rajendran
Birla Bose
Shakila in a dignified look

Technical Committee
Directed by – Sai Prabha Meena
Technical Committee
Cinematography – Balpandi
Music – Santhosh Ram
Editing – Naveen Kumar
Fight Training – Super Good Jeeva
Art Director – Kiran&Pandhu
Co-Director – JT
Producer – Ramkundala Asha
Public Relations – A Raja