Reel Petti and Tharigo Filmworks are producing a new suspense/thriller movie “Athomugam”.

In the enigmatic realm of ancient Tamil, “Athomugam” unveils its secret as a concealed countenance—a Hidden Face. This movie “Athomugam” explores the peculiar occurrences and mishaps that unfold when the less attractive aspects of human nature come to the forefront, showcasing the peculiarities of hideous faces.

The story is set and shot in Ooty, Coonoor, and the surrounding areas. The film is a suspense thriller that incorporates mountains, a cold and misty atmosphere, and technology. The life of the protagonist, Hero, takes a dramatic turn when his wife, Heroine, installs a spy application on his mobile phone. “Athomugam” revolves around this premise, featuring a screenplay filled with numerous twists and turns.

Newcomer hero S. P. Siddarth and heroine Chaitanya Pratap make their debut. Along with them, Ananth Nag, Sarithiran Raa, Kavi J. S. of Nakkalites, Varghese, and Bipin Kumar have played important roles. Actor Arun Pandian has made a special appearance with them.

The film is directed by Sunil Dev, cinematography by Arun Vijayakumar, edited by Vishnu Vijayan, background score by Saran Raghavan, and songs by Manikandan Murali. It has been made by newcomer technicians. Reel Petti, which has been in the film distribution business until now, has produced the film in association with Tharigo Filmworks.

S. P. Siddarth, Chaitanya Pratap, Arun Pandian, Mathew Varghese, Anand Nag, J S Kavi, Bipin Kumar, Sarithiran Raa, and others.

Written and Directed By: Suni Dev
DOP: Arun Vijaykumar
Film Editor: Vishnu Vijayan
BGM: Saran Raghavan
Songs: Manikandan murali
Art Director: Saravana abiraman

Sound Design: Diluxshan (Noise Nexus)
Sound Mix: T. Uday Kumar (Knack Studios)
Makeup: Narasimha,Ammu B Raj, Subramani (Arun Pandiyan)
Lyrics: Suni Dev
VFX: Fix It In Post Studios
Colorist: K Arun Sangameswar
DI: Firefox Studios
Production Executive: Ganesh
Production Controller: C. Charles
Production Manager: Prabhu Nivash SS
PRO: R. Kumaresan 
Publicity Designs: Design Point 
Direction Team: Vignesh Ravichandran, Gorky Maraimani, Shijo, Jeganathan Thangam, Vishnu Vijayan, Chandru Y, Mansoor Khader, Sanjeev Nair, Rajkumar D, Lingaraj Inbakkani

Co-producers: Anto Sujan T. Francis & Venky Nani
Produced by: REEL PETTI