Director M. Muthu’s upcoming movie ‘Chiclets’. Actors Shathvik Verma, Jack Robinson, Rahim, actresses Nayan Karishma, Amrita Haldar, Manjeera and many others have acted in it. Balamurali Balu has composed the music for this film, which has cinematography by Kolanji Kumar. Raju took care of the art direction while Vijay Velukkutty took care of the film sets. This film, which focuses on the generation gap between the 2k kids and their parents, is being produced by A. S. P. Films. Produced by Srinivasan Guru. Swarna Sri is the creative producer of the film. The film will be released in theaters worldwide on February 2nd simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu languages. The film is being released by producer S.Nandagopal on behalf of Tamil Cine Corporation film company across Tamil Nadu.Meanwhile, the music and preview release of the film was held in Chennai. During this senior producer K. Rajan, directors and actors R. V. Udayakumar, Paramuru, ‘Manchal Veeran’ director Chelam, actor and businessman Surya Narayanan, actors Satvik Verma, Jack Robinson, actress Amrita Haldar, director M. Muthu, cinematographer Kolanji Kumar, producer A. Srinivasan Guru Creative Producer Swarna Shree and others were present.In this event, producer A. Srinivasan Guru said, “The story discussion of this film took place before the Covid period. At that time we were busy working on another film. At that time, Muthu, the director of the film, often met me. Then Chicklets will tell the story of the film and say that he can make the film. I bought the screenplay and gave it to my daughter Swarna Sri and asked her to read it. He reads this story and it is a story for 2k kids. He said that this can be prepared first. After that I called director Muthu again and told him the story of the film. He also narrated the story and told the budget. But we have made a quality film by spending more than planned. The film releases on February 2nd. I request everyone to support.” he said.Actor Satvik Varma said, “I will be making my debut in Tamil cinema with the film ‘Chicklets’. I am thankful to the director and producer for giving me this opportunity. I request you to support me too” he said.Actress Amrita Haldar said, “I will make my debut as a heroine with the film ‘Chicklets’. I would like to thank the director, producer and production company for giving me this opportunity. I request you to support me too” he said.Actor Jack Robinson said, “The director auditioned me two years ago for the film ‘Chicklets’ and then gave me an opportunity. I am thankful to the producer for choosing me. The film faced many problems and obstacles. However, the producer has not lost heart and has brought the film to release.In this movie I have acted as one of the protagonists of the story. I have acted in small roles in some films before. Director Muthu gave me a lot of confidence by telling the story of the film and my character. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fellow artists who acted in the film. ” said.”Manchal Veeran” director Chellam said, “If a producer makes a movie, then you have to think how many families are living behind it who depend on cinema.” We have to heartily appreciate the producer for making the film in the current tough environment.Director Muthu has already directed the film ‘Thirandhidu Sese’.

After that he struggled and directed this movie. He is not a pearl in an oyster but a pearl in cinema. Wish him great success.” said.Director M. Muthu said, “We pray to God for the peace of the revolutionary artist Vijayakanth’s soul. I pray to God for the peace of the souls of the director and actor Manophala and Mylaswamy who worked with us. I pray to God for the peace of the soul of Velumani, the co-director who worked with us and a devotee of revolutionary artist Vijayakanth.I have directed the film ‘Chiclets’ in Tamil and Telugu at the same time. After reading the story of this film, creative producer Swarna Sri said OK. They liked the story, so it was made into a film and released on February 2nd. This movie is produced in Tamil by S.Nandagopal on behalf of Tamil Cine Corporation I am also thankful to them.We started working on this film during the Covid period. Thanks to the actors and technicians who worked in this film.Balamurali Balu, the lead music composer of the film, was unable to visit here on time due to non-availability of a connecting flight. All the songs featured in the film are good.The love of parents and their children.. The love of a lover and his beloved.. When this love joins one there is no failure in life. Let’s win. But if that love is lost.. we will lose in life. Children need to understand about their parents. Parents should understand about their children.As for the Doogee Kids… I’m not blaming this generation. Now the culture is changing. They are changing themselves accordingly. As the culture changes, it is the younger generation who are affected. Not anyone else.As parents, we can talk about anything we want. Because the lifestyle we lived was different. The present younger generation lives a different life. If we were to talk openly about this… we would have got certificate ‘A’.Who speaks this openly? Society does not speak. Because it has a fear. Then who is speaking? Parents should talk to their children about this. Do this.. Don’t do this.. This is right.. This is wrong.. Only parents have the right to say this.Everyone has a secret. The people of the 80’s and 90’s are the ones who keep it to themselves because if they say it outside, it will be lost. But today’s young generation are the ones who openly speak their minds. They will talk whether they know it is wrong or not. If it is wrong, you can correct it. But they can’t help but speak what’s on their mind.What will their speech be like? What will the approach look like? What does love look like? What does lust look like? What will his mood be like? We have discussed all these in this film. At the same time, we have also talked about the pain of the parents.Parents let their children do whatever they want. But they think that they should not lose in life. This is what all parents have in mind. But they never share it with their children.’Live however you want. But in life you have to be the best and succeed’. There is hope that change will come in the minds of children.In this film we are telling a good thing.We realized that a celebrity’s background voice was necessary for the film. We contacted director ‘Legend’ Bhagyaraj for this. He watched the film and pointed out some flaws. The duration of this film when he watches it is two and a half hours. After eliminating the flaws he pointed out, the two-hour film was made. We have removed 30 minutes of footage. Thanks to director Pakiyaraj for this.None of my assistants accepted the climax of this film. The climax did justice to all the three characters in the film. The producer liked the climax I told him. Bhagyaraj sir also approved it. Definitely the climax of the film.. will be discussed after the release of the film. I am sure it will make a huge impact. Although climax is not new. Who needs it? Who doesn’t need it? We have also made it clear. Not saying that everyone should be like this.Those who think they can achieve something…those who think they can live against this society…don’t need anyone’s support. If others can live only on the support of one person.., surely they will live dependent on others for the rest of their lives. This is what I have clearly said in this film.”Speaking to the director Pramparau, the producer association should take strict action against the actors and actresses who did not attend the music launch of the film. A portion of their salary should be retained and given after participating in such a music launch event. I put this forward as a suggestion.Before attending the function of the film, we invited the director to the director’s association and spoke. He narrated the story of Chicklets. I have visited here thinking that I must go to the festival of a film like this.In this film, the director has told how careful parents should be with their children. So parents must watch this movie. Because they are the ones who provide their children with complete care.

They are cheaters after giving away their freedom. This is what causes cultural decay.The director is a genius. That’s why he has made a preview of the film to make the younger generation come to the theatres. The design of the film is also designed to appeal to them.As the director has a good understanding of 2K Kids, it seems that he has bought an ‘A’ certificate for this film.Divorce is on the rise today. It should not be assumed that the parents are living together. Today husband and wife live in the same house for many years without looking after each other. But they must understand that they are all in the same house for their children. Children should also understand this. Children need to understand that mother is suffering so much for them and father is suffering so much for them. Children should be made to understand this. Parents should do this. But fatherhood has become an asset for today’s young men and women. Films like ‘Chicklets’ are necessary to come out in such an environment. So I request not only the parents but also the young generation to enjoy this movie and understand the sentiments of their parents. ” said.Producer K. Rajan said, “We saw the trailer of the movie ‘Chicklets’. Very nice. A wonderful film for this era. ‘A’ wa.. ‘U/A’ wa.. is different. It talks about father-mother-child understanding. Do children listen to father and mother? Or are parents listening to their children? The film talks about the issue ofThis happens in every family. In the development of science, many softwares have come and given development. It has also given destruction. Take online rummy for example.Today we live in flats. Mother is a room. Father is a room. A room for children. Everyone is together in the hall only once. One for mother, one for father, one for girl, one for boy, and one for each person. When the phone calls, mother goes to the kitchen, father to the room, boy to the street and girl to the terrace. No one has any understanding with anyone.Earlier, father and mother.. saw girls and got them married. A lot of marriages took place in those days. It was also a good culture. But now mom and dad are looking for a groom for their daughter. But the girl suddenly brings someone and introduces him as ‘this is my husband’. They get married before their father and mother. It’s just sad. I share this sadness with you.The hero of the film is not like a debutant, but like an experienced actor, he speaks a long line in one shot and has acted wonderfully. Congratulations to him.The story of the film tells a wonderful story for parents and children. So this movie will definitely be a hit. And nowadays, if there is a good story, fans are making small budget films a success. ” said.Director R. V. Udayakumar said, “All the special guests who visited here have talked about this film. So I have nothing to talk about the film. However, here we have seen the trailer of the film. The trailer is a feast for the eyes. All the youths here are those who have no desire? Those without desire are not human. So hats off to the trailer of the film.If there is a director who appreciates the producer.. we should also appreciate him. If the producer stops working on another film and starts working on this film, then the director should be praised for this. The producer’s daughter must also be commended for standing by him. After ‘Love Today’ this movie ‘Chiclets’ will be the biggest hit. ” said.