*What is wrong with talking about politics in movies” – Actress Keerthy Pandian at “Blue Star” Film Festival**Director Pa. Ranjith walks what he talks’ – hero Ashokselvan at “Blue Star” film event **”I am honored to be in Ba.Ranjith’s films” – Music composer Govind Vasantha at “Blue Star” film event **”Let’s fight as much as we can so that our country does not go to the worst” – Director Pa. Ranjith at the “Blue Star” film festival**Looking at the state of our country today, I feel like singing “Kalu mela kalu podu Ravana kulame” – Actress Keerthy Pandian at the “Blue Star” film event .**”Actress Keerthy Pandian has spoken very bravely” – Pa. Ranjith at “Blue Star” Film Festival*Blue Star is a film co-produced by director Pa. Ranjith on behalf of Neelam Protections and R. Ganesh Murthy and G. Soundarya on behalf of Lemon Leap Creations. The film stars Ashok Selvan, Shantanu, Keerthy Pandian, Prithvi, Bhagwati Perumal, Ilango Kumaravel, Lizzy Antony, Divya Thuraisamy, Arun Balaji and others, and the music is composed by Govind Vasantha. The music and preview launch of the film was held at PVR Satyam Theater in Chennai today. Actors and actresses who acted in the film, technicians and many prominent cinematographers and dignitaries participated in the event and graced the event.*When Keerthip Pandian, the heroine of the film, speaks,* The journey of the film started in 2022. Director Jayakumar and I wandered for more than 15 minutes on the bike without even finding a place to sit and talk. Then the director explained the story to me sitting at a place. I agreed to act because I liked the story. From the beginning of the film, the director told me, do you like this character..?? He kept asking. But I liked all the characters in the movie. Did you all start talking politics after knowing that director Ranjith is in the film..?? They ask that. I ask what is wrong if I look at them and talk to them..? Today there is politics in everything from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. There is politics in our lives too. Just because we avoid talking about politics does not mean that there is no politics in our lives. Today is a very important day. Looking at the situation of the country today, according to the lyrics sung by the lyricist Budu, it seems to sing “Kalu mela kalu putu Ravanakulame”. He spoke.*When Ashokselvan, the hero of the movie “Blue Star” speaks,* This film is very special to me, very personal too.. If you ask why, is this story..?? No, the demons in this story are people..?? Is their life compatible with my life? I don’t know how to say that. There will be longing that no one will comfort and comfort and give hope during the time of wandering in search of opportunity.. Blue Star is a film that gives hope to all the young people who yearn for it and gives them the inspiration that they are winning. Blue Star movie has given me everything. It has given me the opportunity to act the life I have lived on screen. Has given a wife. What some people say and what they do has nothing to do with it. Pa.Ranjith is a walker of what he talks. I have never seen such people.I saw him for the first time at Sudu Kavum’s success party. He was playing well. He is the same today as he was then. Govind Vasantha has given us the best album of our life. Special thanks to him. I have never spoken so much in an audio release of any band. If I am talking about this film, it is because I feel very special about this film. I doubt it myself. Maybe I was born in Arakkonam in my last life. My co-stars Shantanu and Prithvi are like brothers to me. As Sakthivelan said, we are both waiting for a third win. I, our crew and Sakthivelan have the hope that Blue Star will definitely give that success. As always, I look forward to your support as friends of the press.”*When the film’s music director Govind Vasantha speaks,*Thanks to all, special thanks to the knowledge. He helped me a lot in composing. I am very proud to be in Ranjith sir’s films. Composing the film was a lot of fun for me. Jayakumar is a great man. We made the background music of this song very fun. Congratulations to all the crew.*The director of the movie “Blue Star” is Jaykumar.

While speaking,

I don’t like speaking on stage. Should I come to Editor Selva even yesterday.. No, just run away..?? I asked.. I have now forgotten the producer’s name in my nervousness. Since this is a music release, I will start with Govind Vasantha. It was a great experience working with him. I don’t know much about music. I mean, I don’t know anything. I learned everything from Ranjith. Ranjith is a bit braver with me by my side. This story is called my personal love story. But that is not true. No one has ever said to me, “If something makes you cry, you are true to that thing.” Kudos to both Vidhu and Govind Vasantha for the film. Love and gratitude to my friend and producer of our film, Pa. Ranjith, who has always supported me.

Director and producer Ba.Ranjith speaking

I am very happy that director Jai is here on this stage and speaking. I am as emotional as Jayakumar is. The producer of the film Ganeshmurthy sir is happy. There are always some problems with the films produced by us. But this is one of those films that go to the censors and come back to the revising committee. They have given UA. Editor Selva is a commercial editor. He said that the film will be a commercial success. Bye. All the actors and technicians have done a great job in this movie. I hope they will be rewarded for their hard work. I think this movie will definitely be one of the best movies ever.
I thought how Jayakumar is going to buy music. I told him that if you don’t like the music, tell him you don’t like it and he will give you something else. But the love, bond and understanding between Jai and Govind Vasantha is heartwarming. Govind Vasantha has given excellent music. Today his songs have become the address of the movie Blue Star. Thanks for the hard work.
Me, director Jayakumar and Dinakar are close friends. It was only when I was going to study at the center for an entrance exam that I became accustomed to it. During my first year in college I decided to become a director. But Jayakumar and Dinakar decided to become animators.
Later, when I worked as an assistant director, they both started earning. Then when I was doing Kabali, Dinkar came to me as an assistant director. I was very angry. I asked if you thought you wanted to be an animator. No I was adamant about becoming a director. So I hired him as an assistant director. Later Jayakumar came and joined me in the film Kala. I felt awkward when my friends approached me to work as an assistant director. Because there was a reluctance to take a job from them like other assistant directors. But I treated them like other assistant directors without giving them any priority.
They understood it too. I was horrified when I saw the documentary directed by Jayakumar. I encouraged him to do the film soon. But I expected a different kind of work from him. He didn’t expect to make a film on commercial lines taking some incident from his life. There was such a love in his life, he didn’t know that Jeyakumar was the character played by Prithvi. If we had known, we would not have struggled so much to marry him. It will be scary to see him in college. He gets angry no matter what he says. It took three days to convince him.
He is always punching the wall with his hands and practicing kung fu. Dinakar too will soon meet you at the launch of his upcoming film. Keerthy Pandian has spoken very bravely on stage. Congratulations to him. Today our country is heading towards the worst period. As far as film art can fight to prevent it, let us all fight for it together. Congratulations and thanks to all the other artists and technicians who acted in the film. Happiness.” He spoke.