Director Bhagyaraj wrote a letter to his son Shantanu, who had been waiting for success for 15 years.

This is the success that Shantanu and Prithvi Pandiyarajan have been waiting for for 15 years and 18 years.

“I am the politics I talk about” – Director “Pa. Ranjith” at the “Blue Star” success meet.

“Although we are fighting for the same cause, my language is different; Jayakumar’s language is different. ”- . Director “Pa. Ranjith” at “Blue Star” Success Meet

“There are still people who think that a film that talks about unity should not be released” – Director “Pa. Ranjith” at “Blue Star” success meet.

“I believe that the politics and philosophy that I believe in will lead me right” – Director “Pa. Ranjith” at “Blue Star” Success Meet

Where I come from, people won’t give up victory for the politics we’re talking about. – Director “Pa. Ranjith” at “Blue Star” Success Meet

“They said Blue Star film should not be released in Censor” – Director “Pa. Ranjith” at “Blue Star” success meet.

“Blue Star is talking about asking for shares in public…” – Director “Pa. Ranjith” at “Blue Star” success meet.

The success meet of the movie “Blue Star” produced by Lemon Leaf Protections and Neelam Protections was held in Chennai today. Producers Ganeshamurthy, Soundarya, director Pa. Ranjith, actors Ashokselvan, Keerthy Pandian, Shantanu, Prithivi Pandyaraj, Lizzy Antony, Divya Duraisamy, Arun Balaji, director S. Jayakumar, cinematographer Tamil A. Alaghan, Art Director Jayaraku, Cinematographer RK Selva Narrator Tamil Prabha, Lyricist Vidu, Fight Training Director STUNNER Sam, Choreographer Srikrish, Costume Designer Egan Ekambaram, Sound Designer Suren.G, Advertising Designer Kapilan and many others were present.

When actor Prithvi Pandiyarajan speaks,
I have been waiting for this kind of success for 18 years… It was a pleasure initially when everyone called me Pandiyarajan’s boy. Then I was worried that I might not have an identity… But today after watching the movie “Blue Star” I was so happy and proud when everyone called my character name “Sam, Sam” without even calling me by my name. Thanks to director Jayakumar for giving me this success, producer director Pa. Ranjith for believing in me, Lemon Leaf Protections Ganeshamurthy and Soundarya.

Ashokselvan is a selfless hero. Ashok is the only actor I know who does not think that it is enough for him to score alone, but also thinks that the actors should progress along with him. He told me from the beginning, “This film will definitely be a big breakthrough for you, don’t rush, be patient.” Thanks again to him. If I am in this film today, it is because of my friend Shantanu. He informed me that he was going to audition for the film. My heartfelt thanks to him too. Thanks to all the people, press, media and media friends who made this movie a success. He spoke.

When actor Shantanu speaks,
I was waiting for this success for 15 years. I still can’t believe it. Is such a good thing happening in my life..?? I was even talking to my wife yesterday that I can’t believe it… We have talked many times in the press conference that we will meet at the success meet. But this is the first time in my life that success met.

Everything Prithvi said applies to me too. The success of the film taught me how to choose a film and act. And this Blue Star has given me the opportunity to make my parents happy.

If this character named Rajesh is being talked about to such an extent today, the primary reason for that is the writer Tamil Prabha who wrote the dialogues and the director Jayakumar. Big thanks to them. Both of them have done a great job. The character is celebrated today because he spoke and acted it. I first learned from my father how important a writer is to a film.. Now with Blue Star it has been proved again.

My father, I have given huge success to so many actors… But he is upset that I am not able to give such success to my son. The success of Blue Star has wiped away those tears. I thank the film crew for that too.

Music composer, assistant directors, cinematographer Tamil Amuthan, thanks to all. Thanks to Alpha Boys Cricket Team and Blue Star Cricket Team. Thanks to the people, press, TV and media friends who made this movie a success.
Congratulating me for this victory
director K. Bhagyaraj has written a letter. Shantanu reads the letter saying he wants to read it here. In it, “K. Bhagyaraj recalled the moment when he cast his son Shantanu, who wanted to become a cricketer, into acting for the first time, and for Shantanu, who had achieved success by playing the same cricketer in the film ‘Blue Star’, director Jayakumar and producer Baa gave him this success. .Ranjith, and thanked all the fellow artists and technicians who acted with Shantanu.

When director B. Ranjith speaks,

Hello everyone. Very happy. First of all, I would like to thank the people who recognized Blue Star as a hit… I think beyond the commercial aspect of the collection, how much a film sticks in people’s minds, how they welcome and accept it is very important. The way people approach the characters in the film, the way they understand the politics in it, the way they celebrate the film is heartening.

After a long time people celebrated and accepted multiple characters in a film and it happened to Blue Star. A film can be said to be a hit by the makers and people associated with the film. But it is very, very difficult for people to say that. Happy and proud that it has happened to Blue Star. My congratulations and thanks to Jayakumar as well.

Within four days of the release of the film, a big hero watched the film twice and called Jayakumar saying that we can make a film. This has never happened to me either. I am happy what happened to Jayakumar.

Many thanks to Ganesh Murthy and Selandaria of Lemon Leaf Productions for producing this film. Because I often say. Only those who believe in us will come to us. Because that is the politics we are talking about. People who see me will not see me as just Ranjith. They see me only with the politics I talk about. They see me as an extremist. They say they are doing identity politics. Many stories are being told about me that Ranjith will work only with people belonging to his caste. I don’t believe all this. But I am doing what I like and what I need. I fully believe in my work and the politics I talk about more than anyone else. I am the politics I am talking about..

I hope this politics and the philosophy I believe in will guide me right.. I never went looking for anyone. The politics I talk about has brought many people to me. Only someone who believes in me and the politics I speak about can work with me… Other people cannot work with me. Because I’m open. The people on this stage are those who understand my politics with the same openness and travel with me. My thanks to all of them. Producers Ganesh Murthy Soundarya both hail from a different landscape with a different culture and customs. But they understand the politics we are talking about. Hope it will be right. I think that’s what matters. I wish them success in their other films as well.

We have been talking about working with Sakthivelan Plims Factory for many years. He came with the hope that we will work together in the film without seeing the film. I really liked it.

Both Shantanu and Prithvi’s speech was very emotional. This platform does not come easily. Where I come from, people won’t give up victory for the politics we’re talking about. I hope people give me that success by recognizing the value of the work I do. People, press and media have all given this success.

I was thinking that the film will not have any problem with the censors. But I was surprised to hear that the film should not be released. They said that one objected to the film very strongly. They said it was because of Murthy Anna’s picture. They called him rowdy. He made us study and he is the reason why many people are studying in our town. He is the big leader, I asked him how can you call him Rowdy.. Then we sent it back to the revising committee… They asked us to change the name of some characters and the name of the opposing cricket team. Only after that they gave the sensor.

A picture speaks of unity. It says to be together. It says that everyone should unite against differences.
People who say it should be banned are on the censors. The film is now released in defiance of them..

Two or three scenes in a film always satisfy me. I loved the scene in Blue Star where Ranjith called his mother by her name, and the scene where the eyes were dazzled. Dazzled.

Like that, Rajesh, who used to call her by her name as Sushila, would call her Amma when he regained his composure. They too would speak to him with longing like a mother. That is our mother.. Jayakumar’s mother… That is Blue Star..

What Blue Star is talking about is asking for public participation… We want to live in a place where there are no differences… Your temple is our temple. Your God is our God. Vanga, we should all be together, is what this movie is talking about. We are the people who love this passion. We are talking about this issue because it still exists…

The film did not succeed because of this talk. In spite of that, the film has been successful because of the way the film has been made and the philosophy has been brought to the people in the right language.

Ranjit would put even like minded political people in opposite direction. But director Jayakumar says everyone should come together. I noticed that some people talked and wrote about the film “Blue Star” even saying that his politics are excellent.. I am thankful to Jayakumar for that too…. Although we are fighting for the same thing, my language is different; Jayakumar’s language is different..

The film’s success is a refreshing success. Thanks to all the people, press friends and media friends who gave us that success.