Pre Release Event of “Captain Miller” presented by Satya Jyoti Films !!

Sathya Jyoti Films T.G. Directed by Arun Matheswaran and directed by Arun Matheswaran, produced by Thiagarajan, Captain Miller is a grand action film with national award winning actor Dhanush in the lead role. The Pre Release Event of the film, which will hit the screens on January 12, was held in the presence of the film crew, journalists, special guests and thousands of fans at the Nehru Indoor Sports Stadium in Chennai.

In this festival..

Actor Ilango Kumaravel said…
I saw Dhanush in this film from the side. Dhanush’s work was amazing. It was a good experience working with him. We would be on one hill while shooting and he would stand in the distance on the next hill. He has worked very hard for this film. Director Arun has made the film superbly. Thank you for giving me a chance in this film.

Actor Vinod Kishan said..
I am a big fan of Dhanush sir. I am a fan of Arun Pro and working together in this film is a gift for me. Excellent experience. Thank you everyone will definitely like the movie.

Actress Nivedita Satish said..
This film is like a dream for me. In an interview, I had told three wishes: to act in a historical film, to act in a Bramanda film, and to act in a Dhanush film. All three happened to me in this film. I am a big fan of Dhanush sir. I learned a lot from him. This movie was a great experience. It will be a movie that everyone will love.

Actor Jayaprakash said..
I am happy to be present at a grand ceremony. I always have respect for Dhanush. He fully integrates himself in cinema, mixing as a director, actor and singer. I have also acted in a few scenes under his direction. Very good experience, told a lot. This film will be a new experience. It was a pleasure to work with actor Shivraj Kumar. In a pre-independence story, a company like Satya Jyothi Films is needed to make such a grand film. They need to film a lot more. Hats off to director Arun Matheswaran for pulling off such a masterpiece. Thanks to everyone.

Actor Kali Venkat said..
This is my fourth film with Dhanush sir and I am still learning a lot. The director Arunai is known from the film Phuthichuthu, but in this film he has given a chance. Nice roll, everyone likes you. Thanks to everyone.

Actor Ramkumar said..
My greetings to Satya Jyoti Thiagarajan sir. He spends what he earns in the film. The film should be a hit for him. We have been watching Dhanush since his debut. His growth is tremendous. Wish him win Hollywood award. Captain Miller is to have a 100 day celebration and I am to attend. Thanks to everyone.

Actor Edward said…
I am the villain in this film. Like every film, I have a fight with the hero. I am also a big fan of Dhanush. This film was a pure experience. All of you will like the movie. Thanks.

Master Dilip Subpurayan spoke..
My 7th film with Dhanush sir. Great Journey. Captain Miller is a lifetime movie for me. It doesn’t have any chiju in it, we’ve shot a lot of it live. Arun and I have been friends since college. We have innovated a lot in this. Dhanush sir is like water. No matter what he puts in, he will change accordingly. I have made him suffer a lot in this film. Sorry for that. I wanted to work with Sivanna for a long time and I am happy that it happened in this film. The girls also had a lot of action scenes in the film, which we shot without dubbing. Everyone worked terribly hard. The film will be a treat for Pongal.

Costume designer Kavya said..
Thank you Dhanush sir. I have worked hard on this film. Thanks to the director and producer for the opportunity in this film. The film is sure to be a treat. Thanks.

Art director T Ramalingam said..
We made 1500 guns for the film. This film took a lot of work. Bringing that period to the screen was a big challenge, bringing a stone temple was a formidable challenge. When you watch a movie, you never know which is the set. Thanks to all the workers who worked with me for this film. Satya Jyothi Films was the biggest supporter on the production side. It is because of them that such a big film is possible. Second film with Dhanush sir. Karnan is seen in the film Kanda Varagoglunga, the image in the song was drawn by me. I am a die-hard fan of the leader and drew him in mind. I enjoy Dhanush sir as an actor after the leader. He is the one after Rajini sir. My college friend Arun, working with him was a good experience. Give me the full story in this movie