“My music can be rated 35” – Myshkin at the Devil press conference

“Ilayaraja and A.R.Rahman are the ones who always get hundred marks in music” – Myshkin

“Poorna is like my mother” – Myshkin

“Poorna is an acting ghost” – ‘Devil’ director Aditya

”He learned nothing from his brother; I learned everything from Gurunath” – Devil director Aditya

“Artists will always improve this society” – Devil director Aditya

”Success is nothing; Failure is nothing” – Myshkin at the “Devil” press conference

Produced by H Pictures Hari, Touch Screen Gnanasekar and directed by Savarakkatti director Aditya, the movie “Devil” stars Vidharth, Poorna, Arun, Myshkin and others. The film is composed by director Myshkin for the first time. The press conference of the thriller film “Devil” which is based on the novel “Oliku Nadi Irulku Appal” written by Sahitya Akademi award winning writer Devi Bharati was held in Chennai today.

Speaking on this, producer H Pictures Hari said,
“Mishkin is like my Gurunathar. He is one of the personalities I admire in cinema. First thanks to him. The subject of this film was different. Director Aditya has successfully made this film with a low budget as much as possible. Thanks to another producer Touch Screen Gnanasekar.

While producer Touch Screen Gnanasekar speaks,
“I learned to love business from Myshkin sir… He loved others as much as he did, I traveled with him for 16 years. Radhakrishnan sir is my strength. Thanks to him. It would never have happened without producer Hari sir. Aditya sir is half of my life. Thank you to him who gave me the strength of an elephant, Srikanth sir is like Gurunath to me. Thanks to all the actors, actresses and technicians who worked hard for the film. He spoke.

When Srikanth speaks,
“Director Myshkin is a friend of mine for thirty years, he always comes on the road with some kind of musical instrument in his hands and makes music. I am not surprised that he is composing the music for the film. As he created new dimensions in Tamil cinema in direction, he also achieved in music. That day is not far off. A person who learns music properly and practices it hard every day, I have seen it from the side many times.

When actor Adit Arun speaks, it is my hope that every character has our name written on it, just like every rice has our name. Mishkin sir, who had come for a film pooja, was sitting next to me. Then do whatever you do with all your heart. He said it will save you and left. After two days, I was dropped from the film. Later I was acting in some films in Telugu. During the shooting of the film Mask, Myshkin sir was playing cricket and got a chance to play with him. Then I knew Aditya only as an assistant director. The friendship formed then has put me on this platform today. The character of a young man who longs for his mother’s love, the film talks about the problem in the relationship between two people. I have been following Vidharth from Maina… When the dubbing work of Inidu Inidu was going on, the coloring work of Maina was going on in the same studio. Then our director Vidharth will be proud of them. Poorna vomited one day and went to bed because of headache. Then I got angry with him. It was only later that she found out that she was pregnant. There was a lot of fear and responsibility in the scene where he was placed on the back of the bike. Thank you Mishkin sir, Aditya sir and all the producers for giving me such an opportunity.

When actress Poorna speaks.
”Thank you so much for your trust and support. The Devil is not just a movie for me. It has become an emotional thing for me to relate to life. Even if we finish our studies, it will be scary if we see the principal of our college…? That’s how it is for me now. Myshkin is my principal. It was Mishkin and Aditya sir who showed me as a mother in the movie Shavarakathi. Today I am actually acting in their film even though I am a mother of a child. Happy too. It is also proud. I would often say to both Myshkin and Aditya that even if I have a small character in your films, give me a chance. I will say it now.. I have already acted with Vidharth… It was only when I was acting with Arun that I got a baby in my stomach.