Vibe In Harmony To The Thunderous Beats Of Sri Ramadhootha Stotram- The 4th Single From Prasanth Varma’s HANU-MAN is out now

Director Prasanth Varma and team Hanu-Man are leaving no stone unturned in promoting the movie and escalating the excitement. The expectations of the movie starring Teja Sajja reached sky-high after the theatrical trailer received a thumping response. The makers so far released three songs and all of them became chartbusters. Each song is different from the other, in terms of genre, composition, etc. Today, they released the fourth single- Sri Ramadhootha Strotram.

Vibe in harmony to the thunderous beats of Sri Anjaneya Stotram, as the orchestration by Gowrahari is high in energy. The powerful vocals of Sai Charan Bhaskaruni, Lokeshwar Edara, and Harshavardhan Chavali gel with the theme of the song and add an extra layer of ferocity. The 3D presentation of this lyrical video is truly amazing. This one is going to offer goosebumps when we watch with visuals.

Like the first three songs, Sri Ramadhootha Strotram is also going to win hearts.

The movie is produced prestigiously by K Niranjan Reddy of PrimeShow Entertainment, while Smt Chaitanya presents it. Asrin Reddy is the executive producer, Venkat Kumar Jetty is the Line Producer and Kushal Reddy is the associate producer.

The cinematography for this magnum opus is by Shivendra, wherein Srinagendhra Tangala is the production designer.

Amritha Aiyer played the leading lady opposite Teja Sajja, while Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Vinay Rai will be seen key roles.

Hanu-Man is the first film from Prasanth Varma’s Cinematic Universe. The film is essentially set-up in an imaginary place called “Anjanadri”. Since the concept of the film is universal, it has the potential to do well across the globe.

HANU-MAN will have a Pan World release in several Indian languages including Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Japanese on January 12, 2024.
Cast: Teja Sajja, Amritha Aiyer, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Vinay Rai, Getup Srinu, Satya, Raj Deepak Shetty and others
Technical Crew:
Writer & Director: Prasanth Varma
Producer: K Niranjan Reddy
Banner: Primeshow Entertainment
Presents: Smt Chaitanya
Screenplay: Scriptsville
DOP: Dasaradhi Shivendra
Music Directors: Gowrahari, Anudeep Dev and Krishna Saurabh
Editor: SB Raju Talari
Executive Producer: Asrin Reddy
Line Producer: Venkat Kumar Jetty
Associate Producer: Kushal Reddy
Production Designer: Srinagendhra Tangala
Costume Designer: Lanka Santhoshi