It was originally supposed to be replaced by another heroine. But two days before the shooting of the film, he was unable to act. Rhea Suman, the best actress, came for us at that time. He is very famous. Well acted. “Hitler” is a different film from my previous films. An action thriller film. I hope you will also feel the satisfaction we felt after watching the film, thank you.

Actor Vijay Antony said..
Big fan of Director Thana’s Vaanam Kottattum. When Raja sir and I discussed who we could make the next film with, Dana was the name that came to both of us. He has given a beautiful output in less time. He will go even higher. Reddin Kingsley is another actor on screen who is amazing in comedy. Rhea Suman did not know so much Tamil. Very sweet, simple is the best actress. Happy to have acted with both Thanakaran Tamil and Gautham Menon. Congratulations to Vivek Prasanna who loves acting. Both Vivek and Mervyn have given great music. Stunt director Murali looked after me like a flower after the accident, thanks to him. Cinematographer Naveen Kumar is the cameraman and best cinematographer for my next film. My thanks to everyone who worked on the film. Thanks for sure you will like the movie.

Vijay Antony, Rhea Suman director Gautham Menon, Charanraj in important roles in the film. Redin Kingsley, Vivek Prasanna, Aadukalam Naren, director Tamil have acted along with them.

The music is composed by Vivek and Mervin, while the cinematography is done by Naveen Kumar, the cinematographer of the Kannada hit film Mupdi. Udayakumar has done the art direction. T.D.Raja, D.R.Sanjay Kumar produced the film on behalf of Chendur film international at a huge cost.