Produced by – Jai Akash Films
Written and Directed by – Jayashateeshan Nageswaran
Presented by – Cube Movie App.
Cast – Jai Akash, Akshaya Kandamudhan, Atchaya Ray, ACP Rajendran etc
Rating – * * *

Besides penning the script and helming the flick, Jayashateeshan has handled the choreography of both dance and stunts and it would be fair enough to say that he has emerged fairly well in all the portfolios backed by the overwhelming performance of the protagonist, portrayed by Jai Akash the tall order actor who has recorded a tall order presentation.
The crux of the plot resembles the scenario of Sivaji Ganesan’ s Pudiya Paravai with almost all the characters around the protagonist playing a part in engulfing him to spill the truth behind some murders!
There the victim was the protagonist ‘ s wife but here it is a doctor’ s family with only his little daughter who grows up with a growing curiosity to track the motive behind the cold blooded murders of her kith and kin which is eventually unveiled in the climax rather in an unexpected manner!
The screenplay has been fabricated with a lot of twists and turns with the lead actor being branded as a victim of his own hallucinations!
Akshaya Kandamudhan as Jai Akash ‘ s pair is adequate while Atchaya Ray appearing as his sister is passable.
The music of Sathish Kumar and the cinematography of Pal Pandi are just about okay.
ACP Rajendran as Inspector Rajendran fills the bill well.
A suspense thriller that packs a punch!