‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ documentary series crosses 100 million viewing minutes on ZEE5 platform !!

Is Koosa Munisamy Veerappan good in people’s opinion? Is he bad? ZEE5 site hosted show !!

ZEE5 announced a discount to celebrate ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ series!!

The recently released documentary series ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ on Zee5, celebrated by fans as India’s leading streaming platform, has crossed 100 million viewing minutes, setting a new record.

This series, which explores the life of Koosa Munisamy Veerappan, the forest robber who shook India, with his confession, has garnered a lot of response from the audience. Not only fans but also critics are celebrating this series. All parties are praising it as the best documentary series of Tamil so far.

The series gives us an intimate look into the life of forest robber Koosa Munisamy Veerappan and his criminal history. Through his real-life scenes through his confession, the first-hand accounts of people close to him and the authorities who tirelessly tried to nab him, the series vividly portrays Veerappan’s personality and his criminal background.

The unique feature of this series is that it narrates his entire life story, primarily in Veerappan’s own words. Bringing to light many never-before-seen facts about Veerappan, this series is different and unique from the previous Veerappan documentaries.

To celebrate the audience response of ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ series, ZEE5 has staged a different show at Urban Square where people gather. Is Koosa Munisamy Veerappan good in people’s opinion? Is he bad? In order to express that, they can share their views and color Veerappan’s line drawing according to their opinion.

Many people enthusiastically participated in the event and shared their views about Veerappan. Also expressed their appreciation for the ZEE5 platform.

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This docu-series is produced by Nakiran Prabhavathy under Theeran Productions, an original documentary series by ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’. The series is premiering exclusively on ZEE5 from 8th December.

To celebrate ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ crossing 100 million view minutes, ZEE5 has announced a discount coupon of ZEE5100. With this coupon you can get Rs 100 off on ZEE5 site subscription.