Romeo Pictures has acquired the Madurai theatrical release rights of Captain Miller.Romeo Pictures, a leading production and distribution company, has acquired the theatrical release rights for the Madurai region of the highly anticipated film “Captain Miller”, produced by Satya Jyothi Films, as part of this year’s Pongal celebration.Sathya Jyoti Films T.G. Presented by Thyagarajan, the film ‘Captain Miller’, starring National Award-winning actor Dhanush and directed by Arun Matheswaran, is a grand action film with a historical backdrop.Rahul’s Romeo Pictures has produced and delivered many quality hits in the Tamil film industry and released many blockbuster films. It is notable that the company has produced blockbuster films such as Narekonda Prashi, Samadha, Nejchuku Neeti, Veetla Vishesam, Tricker, Thadvu, Baba Black Sheep.Romeo Pictures, which is catering to the taste of Tamil cinema fans, is currently releasing Captain Miller in Madurai.Captain Miller is releasing worldwide on 12th January in celebration of Pongal.