G. V. Prakash Kumar starrer ‘Rebel’ releases on March 22nd! ‘Rebel’ produced by Studio Green Gnanavel Raja releases on March 22*Music composer and star actor G. V. The release date of ‘Rebel’, starring Prakash Kumar in the lead role, has been officially announced. The crew has also released a special video for this.Debut director Nikesh R. S. The movie ‘Rebel’ is being prepared for direction. In which G. V. Prakash Kumar, Mamita Baiju, Karunas, Subramania Siva, Shalu Rahim, Venkitesh VP, Aditya Bhaskar, ‘Kalluri’ Vinod, Adira and others have acted. Cinematography by Arun Radhakrishnan, the film features ‘music monster’ G.V. Music composed by Prakash Kumar. Vetri Krishnan has handled the composition work for Udaya to oversee the art direction. Adapted from true incidents, this film is being prepared as an action entertainer and is being produced by the famous producer K. on behalf of Studio Green. E. Gnanavel Raja has produced it at a huge cost.The final stages of the film are in full swing. Recently the teaser of the film was released and it has been viewed by millions of viewers. The release date of the film has been officially announced. Accordingly, the film will release in theaters worldwide on March 22. The dialogues and action scenes appearing in the special video released for this, Jee. V. Prakash Kumar’s action avatar has also impressed the fans.https://x.com/StudioGreen2/status/1750383039631564828?s=20