Thai Pongal’s Mission Chapter-1 Hero Stunt Silva

Stunt director Stunt Silva of Thala Thalapathy who rocked Thai Pongal

If you know me, the stunt Silva mixed with Arunvijay after winning

Jump and Flow Stunt Silva in Pongal Jallikattu

When 2024 is the birth of Thai, we expect most of the movies which will fully fulfill our expectations. We have seen some movies in the front row and some movies in the back row since our childhood. Captain Miller, Ayalan, Merry Christmas, Hanuman released in this Thai Pongal. And Mission Chapter-1 has been ranked as the most popular action film among the films Mission Chapter-1.

Mission Chapter 1 action scenes are amazing like watching a Hollywood movie.

Generally, a fight in a film means that one or four or five people can fight with the hero. In this, the fight scenes set by Stunt Silva with hundreds of stunt actors have surprised the moviegoers. When the fans ask how the movie looks after watching the movie, when they leave the theater, they say that the fight scenes have been shot in the movie, and the fight scenes are very grand. And all the fans say.

Amy Jackson, who is playing the role of a jailer in the film, also gives a blast in the action. The reason for this is fight training director ‘Stunt Silva!

Stunt Silva is one of the best stunt director, stunt actor and film director in Indian cinema. He made his debut as a stunt director in Tamil, Telugu, Tamil, Telugu, Tamil, Telugu, Jr. In Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Sinhala languages, he has worked as a fighting coach in more than 300 films and received many rare awards.

‘Tala’ Ajith starrer ‘Mangatha’ is the one who made everyone look back in Tamil cinema with this stunt Silva. Then the same Thala with Ajith in Arun Vijay starrer ‘Ennai Aindaal’ fight scenes will keep the screen shaking. Actor Arun Vijay got the biggest status in Tamil cinema through this movie
It can be said that the fight scenes of this film are an example of the constant crawling of a busy actor.

In general, from that period to the present day, everyone who plays a villain in the cinema is actually a good person, and Stuntsilva is no exception to this.

The stuntman Silva, who looks rough with a noodle head and a scar on his face, has the mind of a green child, which is unknown to the viewers, but only those who are familiar with him know that he is a piece of shit.

As proof of this, his first film directed in Tamil ‘Chithrai Sevvanam’ starring Samuthirakani and famous actress Sai Pallavi’s sister Pooja, released in 2022 became a huge emotional hit.

Through this film, he made a great lesson about how to raise girls safely in the society and how to handle social media.

After directing Chitrai Sevvanam, he was unable to direct the films immediately because he had already agreed to work as a stunt director for several films.

Stunt Silva is going to direct the biggest super action movie this year 2024.

His philosophy is to think that work is God and we should always be true to our work.

This also supports his development.

Stunt Silva, who is a master of kanganam to complete any job, is ready to get the job done well. Following the success of Mission Chapter-1 this Pongal, his career in the film industry is now on the upswing.