Tharunam movie teaser released by actor Vishnu Vishal !!

Actor Vishnu Vishal released the teaser of Tharunam, the first production of ZHEN STUDIOS!!

Lead actor Vishnu Vishal released the teaser of Kishan Das & Shmruthi Venkat starrer Tarunam directed by Tejavu director Arvind Srinivasan and produced by ZHEN STUDIOS and presented by Eden.

Life is made up of many moments but this film has become a wonderful work that tells about such a moment that changes the whole life and love.

With soft music and heart-warming romance, the teaser is getting a huge response from the fans.

Director Arvind Srinivasan, who surprised the fans with the thriller Tejavu, is going to entertain with a wonderful love story. On behalf of ZHEN STUDIOS, a company that has established its foothold in the film industry, Prema and Eden have produced the film as a high-quality work at a huge cost.

The entire shooting of the film has been completed in Chennai and its surrounding areas. While the shooting has been completed, the final stages of the film are in full swing.

Announcements about the movie, trailer, music release will be released soon.


Kishan Das
Smriti Venkat
Raj Ayyappan


Producer – Fame & Eden (ZHEN STUDIOS)
Written, Directed by Arvind Srinivasan
Cinematographer – Raja Bhattacharjee
Music – Darbhuka Siva
Cinematography – Arul E Siddhartha
Art Director – Varnalaya Jagatheesan
Fighting Training – Don Ashok, Prabhu
Public Relations – Satish, Siva (AIM)