“Desingu Raja 2” directed by S. Ezhil.*
Vimal playing the hero.

Produced by P. Ravichandran of Infinity Creations.

Poojita Bonada is acting opposite Vimal. Jana plays the main character. Also, Harshita, Ravi Maria, Robo Shankar, Singam Puli, Kingsley, Prem, Mota Rajendran, Chams, Vayapuri, Lollu Saba Saminathan, Madhuri Muthu, Madhumitha, Vijay TV Vinod etc. are in the mix.

Four college friends with different goals take different paths. What was their life like.. Director Ezhil has made the whole film a comedy about the situation in which they meet again.

“The shift away from romantic films to comedy is no big deal” ; Director Eshil

Speaking about the film, director Eghil said, “If it comes as a comedy, Vimal will be perfectly suited to that channel. Ravi Maria, Robo Shankar, Kingsley, Madurai Muthu and Madhumita have formed comedy alliances. Especially Ravi Maria, who played a farmer in the first part, does atrocity as a politician in this one.

Just as Vidyasagar gave me beautiful songs with energy for the film ‘Poovellam Un Vasam’, he has given the same in this film. Songs will be talked about a lot. Producer Ravichandran has produced without looking at the cost.

I have directed 15 films in 25 years. This cannot be called a great achievement. But we had a 25th anniversary party because friends wanted it. It was no big deal that I, who was initially taking romantic films, turned to comedies. Here the sweat has paid off. I have learned a lot. I am moving forward by correcting the errors.

Recently when I met actor Vijay, he spoke to me for more than half an hour even in a busy environment. When we get the limelight in cinema, it should not change our character. Even success is easy.. but you have to work hard to maintain it. Even though I have been in cinema for so many years, my dream is the same as the dream of those who came yesterday and made movies… Imagination and dreams are ageless.

Filming has started and is going on. The film is gearing up to be a summer release where families will have fun.

Music: Vidyasagar
Co-Producer: R. Balakumar
Cinematography: Selva.R
Editing: Anand Linga Kumar
Art: Sivashankar
Stunt: Stunt: ‘Fire’ Karthik (Fire Karthik)
Dance: Dinesh
Lyrics: Vivek
PRO: Johnson