“Men crying is beautiful” – Director Mishkin at ‘Double Tuckerr’ press conference

”Mausu Koodum for Tamil Cartoon” – Associate Producer Chanduru

“I was not even given the respect due to a common man.” – Debut Director Meera Mahadi

“Everyone wants to be a doctor, but a doctor wants to be an actor” – Mysskin

“100 years of grace to be in cinema” – Mysskin

Produced by Air Flick, directed by Meera Mahadi, with music by Vidyasagar and a first-of-its-kind animated feature in India, Dheeraj, Smrithi Venkat, Coimbatore Sarala M.S. ‘Double Duckeer’ is a lively fantasy action film starring Bhaskar and others.

The press meet of the film was held yesterday at Prasad Lab in Saligramam, Chennai. Director and actor Mysskin along with actors, actresses and technicians of the film attended the event.

The film’s co-producer Chanduru said…

A press conference before the release of a film is a regular thing. But I thought it would be better if I release a teaser before that. Because it is my belief that the audience will approach the film in the same way that you as journalists approach the film. I also hope that the writing you write after watching the film will bring the film to the people. Three years ago, when I thought that there was nothing left in life and had no faith in myself, a hand came and lifted me up. It was Dheeraj’s hand. He was the one who first took me into screenwriting. So he captured me and brought me here today and left me. We have worked on the screenplay for three years and made this film.

You will have seen in that video; Buy a BMW car. Buy an Audi car. But the fuel for that is always you, the press and media. Because your writing has the power to bring the audience into the theater. So support this movie. .

There is a custom in our homes. If kids are watching English cartoon channels on TV, we don’t notice. But if you are watching Tamil cartoon channel then we will change it immediately. With the release of ‘Double Tucker’, this situation will change. I hope the mouse for the Tamil cartoon will come. Please support cartoons like this. Only then will we dare and implement new initiatives.

When film editor Vetrivel talks…

This is my first film as an editor. While working as an assistant I would stand in the crowd and watch the stage. It is a joyous moment to stand on this stage and speak today. ‘Double Tuckerr’ is an animated film. I get empty plates. Editing footage with it is challenging. This word is something everyone can say. But you can feel the difference when you watch the movie. I am thankful to the producer and director for giving me the opportunity to work in this film. My thanks also to the press and media friends.

When heroine Smurithi Venkat speaks…

Hello everyone who has come to this event. I am happy to be a part of this project. Thanks to director Mishkin sir who has come to highlight this event. I am indebted to everyone who gave me the opportunity to act in this film. Thanks to the co-producer of the film Sanduru sir. He is very calm., but our hero Dheeraj is just opposite. He keeps his place lively. In that video you will have seen for yourself how cool our director Meera Mahadi is. He carried out the entire shoot in a lively manner without any tension. Gautham, the cinematographer of our film, not only made me look beautiful, but also helped me perform well in various scenes. The experience of acting with senior actresses like Coimbatore Sarala Madam was incredible. I learned a lot. I have been a huge fan of Vidyasagar’s music since childhood. I feel privileged to have him compose music for my film. Once again I thank everyone for giving me this opportunity. Thank you Nikhil sir for organizing this event so well. The film needs your support as friends of the press. I request you to give best support to our film.

While the film’s director Meera Mahathy speaks…

Hello to all press and media friends, after 12 years of hard work I have got this platform. I have never worked as an assistant director for anyone. So far I have done ten or twelve short films. My friends on FacebookAfter watching the short film, they encouraged me to direct the film. I didn’t go to big heroes like Ajith and Vijay to tell the story. I know I can’t even get close to them. I have been trying to tell the story of some of the emerging heroes who come within the budget of three or four crores.

But none of them even gave me the respect a normal person should have. All I asked for was just five minutes. No one gave it to me.

This opportunity came to me through Maim Gobi. I was going to narrate the story to Mime Gobi sir saying that I am an independent film maker. Mim Gopi sir introduced me to Dheeraj sir. Dheeraj sir did not ask me anything, what caste are you..? What religion…? Who did you work with? He didn’t ask me anything, all he asked was can you impress me in five minutes..? he asked. I said sir no one will give me that five minutes. He gave. I started telling the story. By the time I finished telling the story, it was 1 hour. After stopping the shooting, Dheeraj sir asked me the story.

In the beginning, the film was a small film. I had already designed the animation parts in the film in mind. Later, after asking about the animation parts in the film, Dheeraj sir said, “This is a super work-out, we will definitely do it on a big scale” and increased the film’s budget by eight times. Then after all the supporting artists came in, the film’s budget was a little higher.

I consider it my privilege to have Myshkin Sir sitting on my very first platform. My thanks to everyone who gave me this opportunity and to everyone who worked tirelessly in the making of this film. Journalists support budding directors like me. What you say and write is what makes people come to the theatre. No matter how much we say, people will not believe. They will only believe what you say. Please support us by writing about the movie ‘Double Tuckerr ‘.

While director and actor Mishkin speaks…

First of all I would like to apologize to everyone for being late. I switched off my cell phone and kept shooting. Randomly switched on the phone when the call came from Dheeraj’s place. There was continuous shooting. Call sheet today from 2 pm to 10 pm. I came back after canceling the shoot not knowing what to do. Because I like Deeraj so much. If asked why he likes it, he has saved at least 500 lives so far. He is a cardiologist. I think that’s an understatement. In fact, he is a doctor who has saved more than a thousand lives. A close friend of Uday, Dheeraj is also one of the prominent doctors surrounding our chieftain. He is not at all headstrong, very loving and easy to get along with. When he called, I came after canceling my shoot for his service to this world.

As a doctor he has ever reached his height. But beyond that he wants to become an actor. Everyone wants to become a doctor. A doctor wants to become an actor. As far as I am concerned, a doctor, an actor and a director are three in one. As everyone knows the doctor opens the heart and corrects the problems in it. In the same way, the director who has told the story opens a heart and soothes the heart of the fan and makes him laugh and think. So all three are one.

Whenever there are scenes related to medical technology in my films, I ask Dheeraj about the confusion. He will settle it. He will explain it to me very simply. He is a lively boy by nature. He also wants the films to be populist and lively. Being with him makes me very happy.

Chanduru worked in aviation. Once during my flight he introduced me sir and said he is a big fan of yours and likes your films very much. He took my phone number. After two months he called me and asked if sir can meet you. I asked to come. Ever since he came, he was talking about cinema. Then again after six months he came to see me. Sir, he said, I am going to take a picture. I told him you are flying high. I asked why you want to fly down.

I saw a short film directed by him. Nice making. Something didn’t go down well with people. Then after a year he came and said that I am the co-producer of this film. Cinema attracts people no matter how tall they are.

Director Meera Mahadi was emotional and dazzled at the show. Crying is beautiful. Especially when men cry, it is beautiful. Men Cry Without Shame I always talk about cinema with my assistant directors.. A 50mm lens and a 35mm lens is only 15 degrees different, but it takes 5 or 6 years to know that fifteen degree difference.

I am one of the few directors in Tamil cinema who knows about lenses. Less is more only in cinema. Journalists always put me off. Nandalala, when some people said that Wolf and Lamb was not good, you were the ones who picked it up. Be careful when you write about actors and actresses, I wish the film success. Please support this movie. If it’s good, you know you’ll definitely take it to people and add it. very happy to meet you.

Dheeraj, the hero of the film, said…

I don’t know what to say or where to start. Thank you very much sir Mishkin. Your speech today was brilliant. You have talked about everything from Heart to Art. Your presence on this stage today makes this occasion even more special. Chanduru is the director of my first film. Realizing that film sensitivities are not enough, something else is needed to achieve commercial success, he moved to Paper Rocket and worked as a production manager. Meera, the director, came to tell me the story when I was shooting for the film ‘Pillaiyar Suzhi’. I said impress me in five minutes. He started making me laugh as I stopped. I immediately said that we are definitely doing this.

Thanks to Smriti Venkat for acting with me. Thanks to Music Composer Vidyasagar Sir. We are going to conduct another ceremony for him. Thanks for the editor success. You are the reason Atlee is there. You are the reason why Meeran is here. It is your duty as journalists to take this film to every home. If the film is good, we know you will do it without us asking. However, we request you to support the film.