Produced by Sanjay Kumar, S Arjun Kumar, S Janani under the banner of SVKA Movies and directed by director R Mani Prasad, the film ‘En Suwasame’ is a romantic film with a variety of newcomers. The music release ceremony of the soon-to-be-released film was held in the presence of the film crew, film celebrities and friends from the press.

In this event..
Lyricist Krishnakumar said..
This is the 3rd film where I have worked as a lyricist. My thanks to Music Composer BJ. He has been on screen for many years and is yet to reach a bigger place. He has given me three songs in this film. The songs are very good. Wish this movie a success. Thank you

Spokesman Vijayamurali said..
All the songs are cool to the eyes. The co-producers come together to host the show today and that shows how true they are to the producers. The newcomers of the film have worked very hard. Journalists should support newcomers. Thank you for the success of the film

Lyricist Srividya said…
I am making my debut in Tamil film industry with this film. I am a college professor. I got this opportunity through my friend, lyricist Krishnakumar. I have written the lyrics for Hindi. There is nostalgia for not writing in Tamil. We don’t like women exposing their bodies. But today’s world wants it. The crew has worked well and created the visuals for the film. Youthful bounce is evident throughout the film. Best wishes for the success of the film

Music composer PJ said..
I only know malayalam so sorry. I like Tamil movies very much. I am from Wayanad area where only Rajini Kamal movies are played. The opportunity for this film was unexpected. I like Raja sir and AR Rahman sir songs very much. It is because of them that I wanted to become a music composer. Tamilnadu fans should support us. Thank you.

Kolapally Leela said…
I only know Malayalam and I want all your blessings. My thanks to the director and producer for this opportunity. I know the director very well. A hard worker, everyone should give him good opportunities. He should get big hits. Thanks to the producer for giving me a chance in this film. Thank you everyone for supporting this movie.

Actor Adarsh said…
I only know a little Tamil. My thanks to Mani Prasad sir, and all the producers. I am a newbie. Need all your support. Thanks.

Actress Ambika Mohan said..
It was a great pleasure to act in En Suwasame. I made my debut in Tamil with this film. Thank you Mani Prasad sir, and everyone including the producer. Being a family, we all made this film. Thank you for supporting the film.

Actor Chaplin Balu said..
I went to play a small character, the director gave me a big character and made me complete the film. The producer said that if there are struggling actors, let me know and I will give them a chance, I thank him for his heart. Wish the film success.

Actor Vijay Vishwa said…
I have already seen the trailer and songs of the movie En Swasavame. It looked so beautiful on mobile. It was great to call and appreciate everyone who worked on the film. Malayalam speech was so beautiful to hear. Congratulations to all the crew. I request cinema societies to help in the business of small films. Thanks to everyone.

Director RV Udayakumar said…
No breath means no life, no love, no feeling, breath means life. Breathing is the key to life. Congratulations on titling it as my breath. The film will definitely be a hit. I like Malayalam very much. Malayalam artistes are celebrated all over India. They will attach great importance to the story. They will not go outside the story. Tamil filmmakers should learn from them. Art has no language. Congratulations to all the artists who worked on the film. I wish the film success.

Director Pramera said..
My first salutations to KULAPPULLI Leela Amma. You’re welcome here. Only the title of My Breath is in Tamil and everything else is in Malayalam. No one takes language seriously here. Everyone will be celebrated. From Malayalam to Kannada to Hindi, all movies are remade here. Here we celebrate everyone. Congratulations to all those who worked on En Suwasame. Wish the film success.

The director and cinematographer of the course, R Mani Prasad said..

Thank you to everyone who came to congratulate our film. Tamil films are celebrated in Kerala like Malayalam films are celebrated here. Tamil films have big business in Kerala. I had less time in this film. That is why Malayalam artistes have worked a lot. Everyone has worked very hard for me. The film needs all your support. Thanks.

Producer K Rajan said..
My breath.. those who shoot from malayalam put good tamil title but in tamil they put english title. Where did the Tamil craze go? They performed 3 songs in this film. It was so wonderful. Having the director as the cinematographer is even stronger. In Malayalam cinema, the hero is always for the story. They won’t make a film for the hero, they won’t spend unnecessarily, even if they put sheeting in the AVM here, they ask for a caravan. Mammootty spares no expense to the producer. He has his own caravan. Tamil cinema heroes should learn all this. Tamil cinema has strict censor restrictions but web series has no censor and it has so much bad language. Central government should bring censor for web series also. My best wishes to the crew who have made En Swasavame a great film. Wish the film success.

Jaguar Gold said…
They have come to Tamil from Malayalam cinema. Tamil Nadu will always make everyone live. The songs and visuals of the film are all very good. My best wishes to the crew. The movie will definitely be a big hit.

Co-producer Sridhar Govindaraj said..
On behalf of SVKA Movies, congratulations to all those who came here to greet us. Sanjay Anna also gave me a chance as a director. A music show will be held next month after the film. Thanks to Sanjay Anna for making me co-producer as well. A lot has to be said about director Mani Prasad. His younger brother died during the sheeting, but he came to the sheeting the next day. He is so dedicated towards cinema. The entire team has worked hard for this film. Our aim is to provide quality films on behalf of SVKA Movies.

Co-producer Ramesh Vallidurai welcomed all the special guests who attended the function and presented the Ponnadai.