In 2013, the Tamil Nadu government issued an order to watch Haridas in all the schools in Tamil Nadu, insisting that all the students must watch the movie Haridas, which was released by me, starring Kishore, Sneha, Suri and others, produced by Dr. Ramadoss, and through that, the movie Haridas is broadcast in all the government schools.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Tamil Nadu government who praised the film as a meaningful film and went to the students, to the people who always celebrate a good film, and to the press and media friends who have encouraged me even today to introduce this film to the people in a good way.

As the director of the film, the students are very happy to attend the film.

Thank you to everyone who has been congratulating and congratulating me about this film even after 11 years. It gives me more inspiration.

See you soon with another good work.

with love