Only time will decide whether I will join politics – actor Prashant inKovilpatti, Thoothukudi district, an awareness program was held on behalf of actor Prashant fans’ charity movement called “Thailaikavasam Uyirkavasam”. Actor Prashanth participated in the program and gave free helmets to motorists and highlighted the importance of wearing helmets.Following this, actor Prashanth said to the media, “In order to emphasize that a helmet is a life jacket, and to advise people to be safe when traveling in vehicles, awareness is being distributed throughout Tamil Nadu through his fan club to create awareness that everyone should wear a helmet.Although the fan club has done many good things before, I am doing it openly because it is something that needs to be made aware to people. An actor like me can easily reach people when famous people speak. GOAT starring actor Vijay is doing well.My brother Vijay and I are doing such grandiose films so that not only do people have expectations, but also entertain people and people come to the theaters and say it’s super. Acting alongside other big actors in Tamil started with the movie Kolej Vaasal.Currently, I, brother Vijay and Prabhu Deva are acting together. Very happy. I would like to thank the director Venkat Prabhu and the production company. Everyone’s only thought is to give people a great movie and everything is going great.I am very happy that actor Vijay party has started. It is a good thing that actor Vijay party is starting. People will answer this. Now I am an actor doing what I can for people. Only time will decide whether I will join politicsBe a common man and serve people.Will you come if actor Vijay invites you to join politics? You ask. Only time will tell. Now I have come only to do good to the people. Even if actor Vishal started the party, it is also a good thing. He said that there is no intention of starting a political party at present, I am just an actor.The reviews about actress Trisha are very difficult. She is more of a woman than an actress. We should realize that there are women in our house too. Whoever spoke like that was very wrong. Tamil Nadu has a culture today. We should not belittle or speak ill of anyone. People will definitely accept if something good happens, no one can deceive people.There may be some reasons why some theaters are closed in Tamil Nadu. But many theaters are coming up in its place, he said that the government will definitely help each sector with its own difficulties.Kovilpatti Regional Transport Officer Nedunjehiya Pandian, Kovilpatti East Police Station Inspector Vana Sundar, Actor Prashant Fans Charity Council Coordinator Michael Amaladas, Kovilpatti Prasanth Charity Council President Sadhu participated in this.