Film fraternity participates in Jai Vijayam’s victory ceremonyAwarded victory shield to Jai Akash——-+Like Jai Shankar, Jai Akash’s film should release every Friday.Producer at Victory CeremonyGreetings AnbuchelvanJai Vijayam’s success is due to fans and journalistsJai Akash speech—–+++Now the direction. No, only in acting. AttentionJai Akash is a new result—–Jai Akash is a good man ex-judge praiseJai Vijayam is a film directed by Jai Satheesan Nageswaran under his real name Jai Satheesan Nageswaran, produced and produced by Jai Akash as the hero under A Cube Movies App. Akshaya Kondamuthu has played the lead role. Many newcomers including Adchayarai and ACP Rajendran have acted. Paul Pandy. Light recorded. Satish Kumar has composed the music.Edited by MG Manikandan.The movie recentlyIt was released in the theater and on A Cube Movies App and became a huge success. The success of Jai Vijayam was celebrated yesterday in Chennai.Former District Sessions Judge Mohammad Ziawu Deen was the special guest. Small Investment Producers Association President Anbuch Chezhian, Guild Association President Jaguar Thangam, IJK Party Vice President Ananda Murugan, Actors Birla Bose, Kadhal. Sukumar, Muruganandam and others were present.Actor Jai Akash spoke at the event;I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who accepted my invitation and came here. Thanks to all the journalists, media and media people who were the main reason for the success of Jai Vijayam movie. I first published the film on A Cube Movies app. I have 3 lakh fans worldwide. The fans I got while acting in the cinema also got lakhs of fans both men and women when I acted in Nee Thane En Pon Vasantham serial on Zee TV. All are members of my fan club. If I post a film on the A Cube app, they will pay for it, download it, watch it immediately and share a positive comment. That’s how Jai Vijayam got praise. He saw it and left. Many said release the film in theatres. Small Investment Society helped me to release the film in theatres. The right theaters are not available. I don’t get profit from theater. But I have earned two and a half crores by releasing the film on my A Cube app. In this alone I got double the profit of the budget.They refuse to release small budget films in theatres. Now the technology has increased. There is no need to release the movie in theatres. It is enough to take the picture to the people. If the movie is good, they don’t fail to download it and watch it on the app. From now on cinema theaters will have to release big films only for Pongal and Diwali. If it’s good, people will watch it, if not, they won’t.I directed and produced Jai Vijayam. After a long time, Jai Vijayam became a hit film for me among the films I acted in. Next I acted in the film Minister Return. I have also acted in Mamaram. Both these films are big budget films. I have directed the film Minister Return. I directed it because the producers asked me to. It has turned out well as a commercial film. Both the films are releasing back to back. For the press regarding the Jay Vijay filmThey gave mostly positive reviews to the special after its screening. This was the main reason for the success of the film. It first came to my attention when its review was published on the Trending Cinemas Now website. The review was well written with a keen eye on the film. I appreciated the scene in which I cried without putting glycerine and a character like smoke appears in the film, why shoot it like that? They also mentioned that The entire feeling of what I felt and made the film was in that review. Also Jai Vijayam was mentioned as a re-entry for Jai Akash. That vote has worked. Currently, there is an opportunity to act in 4 foreign films. Directed by different directors.I am not going to direct films anymore. I am going to concentrate fully on acting.Jai Vijayam had been stealthily downloaded and released on Tamil Yogi, Tamil Rockers etc. It made me angry. But when my friend says, “Fans and people want to see your film, that’s why they steal the film on such pirated websites.” This is your success in cinema. I was happy to hear that.There is anticipation for my film in Tamil. Already many super hit films have come out with my acting in Telugu. My films are dubbed in Hindi and are getting well received.Everyone lives here[2/16, 06:38] Gold: Like actor Jaishankar, they said Jai Akash’s film should be released every weekend. I have that desire too. I will act in many films. Thank you to all my fans and fans who love and support me.The success of Jai Vijayam is due to fans and journalists.Thus spoke Jai Akash.Former District Sessions Judge Mohammad Ziauddin said, “I took voluntary retirement. Judges are always busy. You will have to come home after the court and see the case files. Due to this, we will relax by watching the comedy scenes in the slightly relaxed cinema where the tension is still there. We will see the actors on screen. Cannot be seen in person. In this case, I went to participate in a program. Then actor Jai Akash came to the event. Both of us were forced to participate in the event throughout the day. Jai Akash became my friend when we both were there without any other option. While talking to him I got to know his good heart. And about his help to others. Came to know. He has taken a place in my mind. He said that it is in that friendship that those who participated in the Jay Vijayam festival and worked in the film should be awarded the victory shield. I couldn’t deny that. I came to attend this ceremony for that friendship. I have never attended any film festival so far. This was the first film festival I attended. I congratulate Jai Akash and others who have acted well in this film.Anbuch Chezhian, president of the Small Investment Producers Association, said, “I have already talked a lot about Jay Vijayam. Today I will talk only about Jai Akash. First of all he is a good man, he has risen to this position through hard work in cinema. He should not stop with 3 films a year. He said, “My wish is to release a film every Friday like the people’s artist Jaishankar.”Stunt master and guild leader Jaguar Thangam says, “I gave stunt training to Jaya Akash during his first film Ramakrishna. He used to come and wake me up after the Telugu shoot to practice the flute. There is no rope fighting scene during that period. You should fight by jumping directly. And he will do it bravely. I like his hard work. Revolutionary leader MGR became famous as a hero only after the age of 45. Jai Akash will get good fame like him. Because his hard work and self-confidence will make him successful.”Actor Kadhal Sukumar says, “After acting in Kadhal, I directed some films. No one gave me an opportunity to act in foreign films. But Jai became my friend when I acted in a film with Akash. Now he keeps giving me opportunities to act in films. If he wants, he can take a famous comedian and make him act in his film. But thinking that people like me also want to grow, they called people like me and gave them a chance. has I congratulate him on the success of his film Jai Vijayam.Actor Birla Bose said, “Jay Akash is a good friend of mine. I downloaded his movie Jai Vijayam on A Cube app. Within a few minutes of watching it, I finished watching the entire film continuously without getting up from my seat. To that extent, the acting of the actors in the film, the screen story was suspenseful. Even when I watch a film made at a cost of 400 crores, I have stopped it for a while and left it. But I watched Jai Vijayam full movie consecutively. It is a pleasure to participate in the film’s success ceremony,” he said.IJK Party Vice President Anand Murugan said, “Even though I have to go to another function, I have sent another executive in the party to attend the Jai Vijayam victory ceremony. That’s because I came to congratulate Jai Akash not because he is a great actor, not because he is a great dancer, not because he does great stunts, but because he is a great human being,” he said. Many others congratulated him.Hero Jai Akash and the actors and actresses and technicians who acted in the film were awarded the shield of success. Jai Akash also presented a shield to Trending Cinemas Now dot com website reporter Jayachandran who gave the best review for Jai Vijayam.Jai Akash was presented with a gold chain by his fan club.