Lover is a film directed by debutante director Prabhuram Vyas. Manikandan, Srikelari Priya, Kanna Ravi, Harini, Nikila, Harish and others have acted in it. Cinematography by Shreyas Krishna is composed by Shawn Roldan. Bharat Vikraman has done the editing work for this film, where Rajkamal has worked as the art director. Based on love, this film is jointly produced by Nasareth Baslian, Maheshraj Baslian and Yuvraj Ganesan under the banner of Million Dollar Studios and MRB Entertainments.

The music launch of this film, which will be released in theaters from the ninth of February, was held in Chennai. Directors Ranjith Jayakody, Vinayak, distributor Sakthivelan and the crew of the film were present at the special launch event.

Distributor Sakthivelan said, “Lover’s team had previously given a hit film called Good Night. Not celebrating the success of the film? When asked, they were shooting for their next film. The film crew worked with such confidence.

As soon as news of the film broke, many distributors approached the crew with an advance to release the film. Even I requested that if the business takes place before the release of ‘Lover’ to this extent.. accept it. But the producers assured that they are planning to release this film through Shakti Film Factory. Thanks to the producers for this.

I saw this movie last week. Excellent movie. Shaun Roldan has composed the background score of the film. Especially the climax will be talked about.

The trailer of this film features a dialogue spoken by Manikandan. His voice is three times more acted than his acting. Manikandan is a talented and talented actor who is on his way to greater heights in the Tamil film industry. He has the power to make even an ordinary scene come alive with his acting.

How ‘Love Today’ became successful and created history.. this film will collect more than that and create a record. This film is a film for the general audience. Everything involved will relate to the fans in some way.” said.

Director Ranjith Jayakody said, “If we have to talk about this film, we have to mention a poem by Pablo Neruda. Love is a small thing. But it’s the hardest thing to get out of it’. This is the crux of the film. To put it more clearly, ‘Who will lose me first, you and me…’ is the theme of the film. While reading the screenplay of this film, I got emotionally attached to it, passing the feeling of reading a novel written by director Prabhuram Vyas. In it he had written by combining commercial elements gracefully. So my best wishes to everyone including Prabhuram Vyas. Lyricist Mohan Rajan in the songs featured in the film penned Zen philosophy in simple lyrics that resonate with the mind. My best wishes to him too.” said.

Producer Maheshraj Baslian said, “After the release of the song ‘Dhensudare..’, you called up the hero Manikandan and asked him how you acted in that particular cave scene?” When asked, ‘How would it be if a person who had no success in his life was walking in the dark and suddenly a light came? He easily explained that he acted with that in mind. This surprised me.

I have also seen this film. Fantastic movie. All the actors in the film acted well.

While the shooting of ‘Goodnight’ was going on, director Prabhuram told the story of the film. But I said that Yuvraj will take the decision in this regard. Because Yuvraj is my mentor when it comes to film industry. The things he does often leave me in awe.

I said that Million Dollar Studios and MRB Entertainments will deliver quality films on the success of Goodnight. Currently we have made the film ‘Lover’. This is also a quality film for Tamil fans.

I was introduced to Yuvraj in 2015 as a design subject for Superstar Rajinikanth’s film. Since then I have been dating him. Currently, while our second film is releasing, ‘Lal Salaam’ starring Superstar Rajini Sir in a special appearance is also releasing. We consider this a blessing. Both these films should be successful.” said.

Producer Yuvraj Ganesan said, “When I was working in the designing department in the film industry, I planned to become a producer. At that time, many people were involved in the production of the film
were drinking. No one spoke in my favor. Then a friend named Sabari helped. After that Sakthivelan contacted us. I also learned that if there is good content.. there are people here to support it.

I started this film last August. By then we have completed the work of this film and brought it to the screen. I would like to thank my team who worked hard for this. You all will love the movie ‘Lover’.” said.

Actor Khanna Ravi said, “Good Night became a success only because the media and fans supported it. Also the film gave a lot of treasures. Following that, the film ‘Lover’ is also ready. This is also a hit. What kind of films does producer Yuvraj like to produce? When asked, it must be my favorite film. The film should feature as one of the top five films of the year. In that way, his currently produced film ‘Lover’ will also be one of the top five films. The makers have placed a lot of faith in the director of this film, Prabhuram Vyas.

Director Prabhuram Vyas introduced me to a short film directed by him. After that we met in the web series ‘Live In’. After the success of the series many producers asked to direct the next part of the series ‘Live In’. Vyas denied it and said that ‘Lover’ is a screenplay that he worked on honestly and did not direct immediately. So this film will also be successful. After watching this movie, you can’t go away. This movie will make you understand more about yourself, your love and lover. It will also teach us how to talk and solve problems with understanding and face life happily.” said.

Actress Sri Gauri Priya said, “I feel proud and happy that I have got such an opportunity in a film called Lover. I also consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to work with my dream team. When I started acting in ‘Modern Love Chennai’, I didn’t know how to speak Tamil to this extent. But for me Tamil language, Tamil people. Due to my fascination with Tamil movies, I tried to speak in Tamil somehow.

Lover is the most important film in my film journey. My mother passed away when I agreed to act for this film. From the state of mind I was in at that moment, this crew made me work completely. So at this moment I express my heartfelt thanks to everyone.

We have made this film with honesty and hard work. I hope you will be touched by our hard work and elegance. I request you to visit theaters on 9th February and support. ” said.

Director Prabhuram Vyas said, “In 2019, I called Manikandan and prepared a story for you. can we meet I asked. We met and talked in a shopping mall that evening. He made me feel comfortable in that very first meeting. I gave him my screenplay. The next day he read the story and talked about it for a long time. I also contacted him first after writing this story. He also understood this story.. When I talked about the subtle things in it, I took it as recognition for my writing. So my first thanks to Manikandan.

Manikandan and I have taken this story to many film companies. After that, one day while the shooting of ‘Good Night’ was going on, Manikandan called and said, ‘I told your story to the producer of Good Night. He should listen to the story emotionally and meet you. Immediately I met producer Yuvraj Ganesan. After that the work of this film started.

I have never worked as an assistant to any director.. I learned everything related to this film. Thanks to Yuvraj for leading this. I would like to take this moment to thank all the technicians, actors and actresses who have helped this film.

Actor Khanna Ravi has played a role in this film. He has played the role beautifully. After the release of the film, he will definitely be in the hearts of the fans. All the characters played in the film will be carried in the mind of the fans when they leave the theater and go home. ” said.

Composer and singer Shaun Roldan said, “Work on the film started before Goodnight was completed. Lyricists who worked in ‘Lover’. Playback Singers, Singers, Actor Siddharth, Musician
First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the actors, technicians, musicians, my band including conductors Santhosh Narayanan and GV Prakash Kumar, Pushpavanam Kuppusamy’s successor Neka Aggarwal, musicians.

Intellectuals generally suffer in our society. There are many people who say that if he is born intellectual, don’t join him if he thinks. If you think too much, you will isolate yourself. My goal is that such intellectuals should succeed. Because if good thinkers succeed then the society will be healthy. Is this a field that makes thinkers successful? If asked, Lots of people try. . Fifty percent of them succeed. Director Prabhuram Vyas would continue to direct more films in that line and rise to the top. He has a knack for telling good things when they happen naturally.

Producer Yuvraj is a veteran in the Tamil film industry. Another producer Mahesh Raj is a huge fan of cinema.

You fans are busy with your life. If you have time in between then please go and watch this movie in theatres. This film will bring something to your life.” said.

Actor Manikandan said, “I am happy and relieved. I am happy to have acted in this film. I am relieved that we made this film the way we envisioned it. When Prabhu told this story in 2019, he was told, ‘Even if you don’t direct me, direct someone else. Because this story is a story that needs to be told to this society.’

Kudos to director Prabhuram Vyas for directing this film. Then I appreciate the producers. Because they did not say that there should be any commercial element in the screenplay of this film, they accepted the nature of the plot and produced it.

Heroine Gauri Priya’s poise on the sets amazed us all. Khanna Ravi is currently playing the solo lead. However, in this film, he acted in a good character and gave full cooperation to the director. Apart from them, everyone who acted in the film acted with the thought that they are acting in a hit film.

I am always sure of one thing. I will say the same now. “This film will never disappoint you.” said.