Ayesha Matriculation School Mr. When M. R. Soundararajan spoke among the students…

Parents are the world to children. There are students studying here from primary to tenth.

Always take an oath. In this world, male and female / good and bad / night and day are two. There should be clarity about what to take and what to leave.

Fall, get up, stay strong until you reach your goal. Your Vision, Mind Thinking is very important.

Even though I was born in a village and had an accident in my childhood, I did not lose faith and worked with determination, so I achieved achievements at the district, state, national and world levels. I won a gold medal in the Olympics. Even at the airport, the central government gives protocol respect. In moments like these, develop your education with the belief that what I can do from the village, you can also do it.

Listen to mom and dad. Respect the words of teachers. Cultivating these types of traits will lead to promotion and recognition. Always be active. Let us act thoughtfully. So at this time I greet you all and bid you farewell.

The special guests at the 26th school year function held at Ayesha Matriculation School (Redhills) were Dr. M. R. Soundarrarajan (social thinker, international sportsperson, writer), Dr. S. M. Badur, Commissioner Nandakumar (Income tax), and many special guests attended.