‘Nathamuni’ film composed by music composer Ilayaraja.
Director Madhavan is moved!

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Directed by Madhavan Laxman, Indrajith is playing the lead role in the music composed by musician Ilayaraja. ‘Nathamuni’ starring Aishwarya Dutta, Antonithasan, Janvijay, Avenkatesh and others

‘Nathamuni’ is a thoughtful story about how the virtue and anger of common people reacts in life due to the actions of fellow human beings.
Director Madhavan Laxman says.
Indrajith has acted emotionally in this film as a normal father.
Aishwarya Dutta has lived as a poor person in this film.
Singer Antonithasan and John Vijay, Avenkatesh, and all the actors in the film have lived in this film.

When director Madhavan approached musician Ilayaraja to compose the music for this film, Ilayaraja fell in love immediately. The concept of the film and its purpose have impressed him a lot.
Musician has composed songs for the film.
The songs of the film are written by Ilayaraja and Gangai Amaran.

He also praised that ‘Nathamuni’ will have a huge impact on Tamil cinema.

The final stages of the film are in progress.

Cinematography for the film – A Kumaran.
Cinematography – Suresh Ars,
Songs – Ilayaraja, Gangai Amaran.
Art – KA Raghava Kumar,
Combat Training – Danger Hour,
Dance – Shankar.