“If Kalidas wants to act again with Jayaram, he should think a little” – Arjun Das

“I fought persistently and was stubborn about the character” – Sanjana Natarajan

”Everyone is only talking about Arjun Das’s voice. No one talks about his acting.” – Sanjana Natarajan

“Arjun Das did not listen even when he told us to stop shooting” – Director Bijoy Nambiar

“Ponny’s wealth is the reason for the title Por” – Bijoy believed

Directed by Bijoy Nambiar, director of Shaitan, David, Washir, Sholo, the movie “Por” stars Arjun Das and Kalidas Jayaram in lead roles. Starring DJ Bhanu, Sanjana Natarajan, Mervyn Rosario and many other leading stars, the film is slated to release on March 1 in Tamil Hindi dual language. “Por” is jointly produced by T Series and Roox Media. The trailer release of the film was held in Chennai today. The event was attended by the director, producer, actors, actresses and technicians of the film. In the event

Roox Media producer Madhu Alex spoke

This is my first film as a producer. It is a pleasure to be associated with T-Series in the very first film. I would like to thank a few people on this occasion. First of all thanks to God, my family and my friends. Director Bijoy Nambiar is my friend. Thanks to him too. Thanks to T – Series Product Management. Thanks to the actors and actresses for their excellent cooperation in the film. The team is a young, dedicated and innovative team. You will have seen in the trailer how young and good the film looks. Post-protection work is going on for two films. Two films are under protection. Roox Media is a Chennai based film production company. Its headquarters are in the US. Our film is aimed at the young generation. So take our film to youth and youth. Thank you for your support to our film and production company.

When Mervyn Rosario speaks,

Greetings with love to all. This is my first film. It gives me joy and nervousness that I have been invited to speak in the second film in the very first film. The war movie has come out great. Every character choice is fantastic. Everyone has acted very well. I am very thankful to director Bijoy Nambiar and producer Madhu Alex for giving me the opportunity to act in this film. I request you as journalists to definitely support this film. Thank you.”

According to heroine DJ Bhanu

Hello to all who have come to the event. I don’t know what to say on this platform. I am happy to say that I have acted in both languages in a war film which is being made in two languages. At first there was some hesitation as to how to act in both languages. It was director Bijoy Nambiar who gave me faith and support. We have worked hard and made the film in both languages. You will have to watch the film and say how it is. If the film does well, I hope you will support the film.”

Actress Sanjana Natarajan said, You have been giving us the best cooperation since the beginning. Special thanks for that. The movie “Bor” is very special for me. That’s what everyone says. However, there are some personal reasons why I say that. First the film’s director Bijoy Nambiar gave me a huge offer. He explained not only my character but also the two characters in the film to me in detail. When I listen to the story, I just follow the character that I am currently playing in the film. But after telling the story, the director said that I should play the opposite role. I fought persistently and was adamant that I would play that character and ended up playing that character. I guarantee you that you will definitely see Sanjana in this film which is not seen in Jagame Tantra and Sarbhata Parambarai.

The two protagonists in the film are opposite characters. Kalidas will keep talking. Arjun never speaks. Banu is always smiling. Thank you for giving me a chance in this film. Bijoy Nambiar has done a great job in this movie. Story, screenplay, visuals are all excellent.And talking only about Arjun Das’s voice. No one talks about his performance. He is such a descriptive artist. I would definitely like to share an incident about him. Because he definitely wouldn’t say that. One day on the shoot we were shooting a fight scene in a court setup at 2 am in the pouring rain. We then came back to the caravan after the shot and lay down to get some shut eye. By then it was reported that Arjun Das had been beaten up in the fight scene and was bleeding. He runs away nervously and sees that the shooting is going on and he is fighting. When we asked the people there, they said, ‘Yes, there was blood’, he wiped it off and went to fight again. He casually said that he fell on the floor and broke his tooth…the tooth itself…it’s okay when he asked during the break. We were surprised.. Is this kind of an actor in this day and age who just takes a little headache and says back off? I wondered that. It is hard to see an artist who is so descriptive.

Banu is very beautiful to watch on screen. He is super in person. As soon as he comes on the screen, the scene gets something needed. The film has turned out well. Please support our film. All of us have put in a lot of hard work to make this film. Watch the video and give us credits for our work. At this moment I would like to express my gratitude to my parents who gave me complete freedom and brought me up.” He spoke.

Director Bijoy Nambiar said,

“Bor” is my third attempt to make a straight Tamil film. I made the movie Sholo with that thought in mind. But it could not be released in theatres. Unforeseen events like bandh came and prevented it. “Por” movie is a complete Tamil movie. All the main actors and supporting actors in this movie know Tamil. Srikanth helped me make the Tamil version better.

It is an unadulterated full Tamil movie. A film about college life. I have always been interested in creating stories related to college. The film is entirely aimed at the college going youth. To enter the Tamil screen world with a Tamil film. The third attempt is to make the Tamil audience see me as a Tamil director.

At first I thought that the film should be made in Malayalam. Then it seemed that it would be perfect if it was taken in Tamil and Hindi. I have always had a fascination and love for Tamil words and those sound patterns and the Tamil language. The dialogues for the Tamil format in the film seem to have come with a lot of poetry. Thanks to all the actors and actresses who have cooperated so much with me for the war movie. Because there are many problems for actors and actresses when making a film in two languages at the same time. My thanks to the actors and actresses and our producers who acted regardless.

Although the film is made in both languages, there is no difference in the story. The story is the same in both languages. There is no need for me to take Arjun Das to Hindi. He has already started acting in Hindi films. We were shooting in Pondicherry when Arjun Das was hit with a fight scene. As soon as he got hit, we decided to stop shooting, go to Chennai, let him rest for a day and then start shooting. But he came to me and spoke alone. Stopping the suit will result in unnecessary monetary losses. No big blow to me; He was adamant that we would leave only after finishing the shooting. His dedicated work amazes me.

It is interesting why we chose the title War even though it is a story related to War College. While working on ‘Ponniyin Selvan’, in a battle scene, the Telugu actor, who came as a stunt director as a junior artist, was yelling loudly at the actresses in the mike with the ‘It’s war, war, war’ expression, ‘Stand up, it’s war war’. It stuck in my mind. I immediately called my friend and asked him to register the title. He said that the title War seemed appropriate for the battle of two opposing characters.

When hero Arjun Das speaks,

My first thanks to Bijoy Nambiar for giving me a chance in this film. He told me the story of the film in a hotel. Before that, Kalidas was booked in the film. The director gave us complete freedom during the shoot. General

For example, when a film is being shot in two languages, the actors in one language are not shown the scenes shot in the other language. But Bijoy showed us that too and asked us to act naturally. Thanks to all the assistant directors who helped us all in the film. Kalidas could not come here as he was shooting. I apologize and thank you for him.

Por Movie is a movie based on a college life. A celebratory film, friendship also has a small presence in the film. A different kind of emotions pour into the film. Thanks to producer Madhu sir for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to the T Series team. Special thanks to the hair and make-up artists for their special assistance.

If Kalidas is to act again with Jayaram, he should think a little. Because he keeps smiling till he goes to take on the set. He jokes a lot. Otherwise a great friend. The experience of acting with Kalidas was a pleasure.