There is a misconception that it will be successful. We wanted to prove that it was true and not false. Thanks to all our crew.

When the hero Vaibhav speaks,

Many thanks to Sakthivelan Factory Shakti. They said that no one will do the character that Saras Menon has done. I don’t know how the sheriff got him to agree. Tanya Hope is excellent. Thanks to him. Just found out about Sheriff. He just told me that he saw someone working for him. But he has shot the film well. Sharif will come like any director who has made a short film and is now in a big place. I welcome Madhu Sarai to the world of Tamil cinema. Uday fights with me like husband and wife fight. Even today there was a fight.. Thanks to the cinematographer Balaji;. His wife who wanted to see his name on screen is not alive today. Das Ravi has played an important role. Congratulations to him. The female characters in the film are designed as strong characters. Can everything like this happen in the world? Everyone will be amazed..
I don’t know what the story of Thalapathy is. Because Venkat Prabhu has never told me a story since Saroja’s time. It will be very happy if there is an opportunity to act with Rajini sir. He said, “I hope you, who have always welcomed me, will support this film as well.”