It is a thriller but it will be a film according to the title – Director Rajdev.

I apologize for Srikanth – Director Rajdev.The heroine opposite Srikanth is directed by Rajdev, who is the director of Chhatthamma Muttam Tha.It was Srikanth sir who said the meaning – Muttham Tha heroine Priyanka Thimmesh without a wordChatham Inri Muttam Thaa is a suspense thriller film directed by Raj Dev starring Srikanth – Priyanka Thimmesh and produced by Karthikeyan.S under the banner of Celebrity Productions. The press conference of the film, which will hit the screens on March 1, was held in the presence of friends of the press and the film crew.In this event..Actress Priyanka Thimmesh said…It was a sudden thing that I got the chance to do this film. On the first day they called me and told me about this film, the next day I came to Chennai and participated in this film, first of all I have to thank Srikanth sir, I loved it when the director told me the story. I said that I will definitely give the necessary effort to this film, I hope I have done what I said, all of you who like this film must give your support to this film, thank you.Music composer Zubin said…Thanks to the director and producer for giving me a chance in this film, Anand sir is the most important reason for me to work in this film, thanks again to him, it is very different from the films I have worked in so far. All the songs are very good, one song is sung by Andrea, the lyricist has given good lyrics thanks for that, the movie is exciting in the beginning but the end will leave you in awe, Srikanth Sir couldn’t be here today but he has done a great job in this movie. My best wishes and thanks to the entire team.Director Rajdev said…,I wanted this film to be a thriller from beginning to end, I started writing it like that, it was very difficult, while choosing the actors for this film I thought I should only cast people who have not acted in films with such stories, that’s how I met Srikanth sir and talked about this film. That’s how I chose all the actors. The film will be full of thrillers. The heroine also acted well. He acted like a hero in this film, the music director and I had a lot of discussions and the songs in the film came out very well. The film will definitely have you on the edge of your seat. Thank you for your support for this film.Then while answering the journalist’s questions, director Rajdev said…Although the trailer of the film looks very noisy, it is a title film and will be a new experience for you. Srikanth could not attend the function due to circumstances. I apologize for him. His hard work and dedication in the film is immense. He has worked a lot for the film. He said that the film will definitely be a hit for all of you.Answering the journalist’s questions, actress Priyanka Thimmesh said…,First the call came from the director and then from Srikanth sir. He narrated the story. I liked the story. But I did not understand the title given by the director, Srikanth sir told me the meaning. I am learning Tamil. My wish is to learn Tamil and make many films in Tamil. This film was different from the films I have done so far. Surely you all will like it.Popular lyricist Viveka has penned the music for films like Draupadi and Rudrathandavam.Srikanth has played the lead role. Priyanka Thimmesh has played the heroine, Harish Beradi and many others have acted.Cinematography – Yuvraj .MCinematography : Madan.GChoreographer Dinesh takes charge of the choreography while ‘Miracle’ Michael is training for a fight. Background songs are sung by Andrea, M.M.Manasi, Jithin Raj and Ravi.G.Public Relations – Manavai BhuvanProduction Supervision – A.JPAnandProduced by – Karthikeyan.SStory, screenplay, dialogue written and directed by Raj Dev.It is noteworthy that he has received more than ten awards at the Los Angeles World Film Festival.He has also written short stories in Ananda Vikatan and Savi magazines. He is also the author of two short stories ‘KISS DEATH’ and ‘A STRANGER IS WALKING BY’ which were selected from India in a screenplay competition held in the USA where all countries participated. They are both published in print in the US and also available for download on KINDLE on the we has The film, which is a different thriller, will hit the screens on March 1 across Tamil Nadu.