G. V. Prakash Kumar, the brand ambassador of ‘Startda’. G. V. Prakash Kumar.**Introduction ceremony of ‘Starta’ platform that gives hope to young aspiring artists. The boundaries of the Tamil film industry keep expanding. Now Tamil movies have worldwide recognition and business. Young creatives who are making their debut in Tamil have also started creating their works in different genres and getting attention. Many new artists are also showcasing their talent on social media and social networking sites. Their goal is to enter the film industry and shine as a star. But they don’t know the right approach for that. They spend a lot of time looking for opportunities to make their debut in the film industry and showcase their talent. The platform ‘Starta’ has been introduced with the intention of changing this situation and creating a bridge of opportunity between creators and artists. Jee is the brand ambassador of this platform. G. V. Prakash Kumar has taken charge.The ‘Starta’ platform launch event was held at a star Hotel in Chennai. During this, multi-talented singer-composer-actor-producer G. V. Prakash Kumar, singer-lyricist-actor-director Arunraja Kamaraj, actor Ramesh Tilak, actress Nivedita Satish, actor-host Abhishek Raja, actor Shyam Kumar, producers C. V. Kumar, Dhananjayan, film distributor Sakthivelan, CEO of the company Narendra Kumar and others were present.Zee, the brand ambassador of Starta Platform, was present at the event. V. Prakash Kumar said, “Congratulations to Naresh and his team. I have been working in the film industry since my childhood. I have been working with a lot of new young talent. Vetimaran, Atlee, A. L. I have worked with many new directors like Vijay. So far I have acted in twenty three films. Seventeen of these films have been directed by new directors. I have worked with many new actresses, many new playback singers and singers.They don’t cooperate even if they spend crores on soft drink ads, gambling ads… etc. But I have worked as a brand ambassador for games like Badminton. As such I am happy to launch this ‘Starta’ platform. I am also happy to be its brand ambassador.How to find opportunities in cinema in general? Don’t know. Do you want to see the manager? Do you want to see the directors? Or to see their assistants..? Do you want to go directly to the office? Where is it?… Many such things remain questionable till date. Be a songwriter who writes songs. Whenever you meet me even as singers..where should you look? Who should see? They keep asking that question. Instead of all this there is this platform. I very much welcome this. Because this platform has discovered talents and featured their videos. I hope this will be useful for big film companies, directors, production executives etc. to choose the talented artists they need.I hope this ‘Startda’ will be a platform that will create opportunities for talented artists. I wanted to be a part of this platform which is changing the lives of many people. So I have taken up the responsibility of being the brand ambassador of this platform. It really makes me happy. I hope that many people will get opportunities through this platform. I also try to choose and give opportunities to talent on this platform for my films. I am sure this platform will provide a good opportunity for new artistes. Thank you to everyone who came here.” said.This was followed by the screening of Abhishek Raja’s advertisement produced by the ‘Starta’ platform. All this was a source of hope for the young artists who aspire to make it in cinema.After this, a panel discussion was held in which actor Shyam Kumar, director Arunraja Kamaraj, actor Ramesh Tilak and actress Nivedita Satish participated. In this discussion, they elaborated on the challenges they faced to enter the film industry. It is noteworthy that when they shared their experience, it was encouraging for those who want to make a debut in the film industry.