Gopi, Sudhakar is two of the crores in the background of the start-up sector!!

Gopi and Sudhakar’s next action is ‘Codeyil Iruvar’ Web Series !!Do. Produced by Creative Labs, Parithapangal Productions and Scaler, Parithapangal is a comedy-drama series set against the backdrop of the start-up industry, directed by Shahid Anand, starring Gopi Sudhakar in lead roles. The series will be aired on Parithapangal YouTube channel from February 25.With the release of the trailer of the two-part series on Kodi, the fans have given a huge response and are celebrating. This trailer, which is spreading virally across the internet, is trending on YouTube.Gobi Sudhakar, who is famous across Tamil Nadu for his Tamil YouTube comedy videos, has for the first time ventured out of his domain and acted in a versatile, complete web series. The series is shot in live locations with exciting screenplays, high-tech features.Two young men living in a village travel to Bangalore to escape the troubles of village life and start a start-up company there. The problems they face are the story of this series. This series has been developed into a colorful and mixed series with a script that can be easily related to the lives of today’s generation like IT employees, young people who want to start a start-up, mixed with comedy.Unlike many serials about the start-up industry, the script of this series has been created by doing a lot of research and listening to the opinions of experts in the industry to tell the background of the industry as close to the truth as possible.It is clear from the trailer itself that Gobi and Sudhakar will entertain the fans with their brand of comedy, acting in a complete series that deviates from their domain.This “Codeyil Iruvar” web series has been created for the first time for YouTube, at a level only attempted by the major OTT sites so far.The series stars Gopi, Sudhakar in lead roles, Ajay Ratnam, Dravid Selvam, Cella, Vivek RV, Nithyasree, Ramkumar Annachi, Albert Ajay, Aswath Bobo, Arjun Manohar (Orjun), Vettipaiyan Venkat & Niraimati in pivotal roles.The series is directed by Shahid Anand, who directed several JordIndian videos in Bengaluru. Music composer Afro has composed the music for the series title song.Boris Kenneth & Rohit Subramanian, Danilla Correa and Sahid Anand have written the story for this series. Lyrics are written by Rohit Subramanian & Boris Kenneth.Do. Produced at a huge cost by Creative Labs, the series is presented by Parithapangal Productions and Scaler. Anand Agalwadi, Boris Kenneth, Rohit Subramanian, Dannila Correa and Sahid Anand served as executive producers.In the technical groupVFX: Rumble StudiosArt Director: Viswas KashyapEditor: Anupama & Sahit Anand Audiography: Resonance Audios Ad Design: Vyagi.This web series will be telecasted on Parithapangal YouTube channel for 5 days starting from 25th February.