Directed by Suresh Sangaiah, Yogi Babu stars in Hotstar Special New Movie Presented by Disney+ Hotstar!!

India’s leading streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar has officially announced a new movie starring actor Yogi Babu as its next venture directed by Suresh Sangaiah. To be made as a Hotstar special, the film features actor Yogi Babu as the male lead and the lovely Chandrasekhar as the female lead.

Earlier films directed by Suresh Sangaiah, “Oru Kitavin Karuna Manu” and “Sathya Sodhanai” were well received by the audience and critics. In this case, the announcement of this new movie has excited the fans.

On behalf of RB Talkies S.R. The film is jointly produced by Ramesh Babu and Jagan Baskaran on behalf of Box office studios.

This hotstar special features actors George Marion, Rachel Rebecca and Ramakrishnan in lead roles.

The yet-to-be-titled film is being shot in Madurai and its surrounding villages.

Actor Yogi Babu said about the film..
“I have seen Suresh Sangaiah’s Karunai Manu and Sathya Trika, which are my favorite films. I was looking forward to acting in his film and now that lucky opportunity has come. This is my second collaboration with Disney+ Hotstar. And many more from Disney+ Hotstar in the future. “I will continue to act in works with quality stories. This film will be a new experience for the audience.”

Director Suresh Sangaiah said about the film..
“Thank you to Disney+ Hotstar and the producers for giving me this opportunity. The script of this movie will be a thrilling rollercoaster experience that will appeal to all audiences and will be a thrilling entertainment. The movie will also have a much needed message for the society,” he said.

About the film, actress Lovely Chandrasekhar said,
“It’s a pleasure to act in director Suresh Sangaiah’s wonderful script. I play a beautiful and courageous young woman in this film. I’m very happy and excited to be a part of such a great film. Thanks to the makers and the entire crew,” she said.

Niwas K Prasanna will compose the music for this Hotstar special and V. Thiagarajan will be the cinematographer. P.L. R.Ramar handles the cinematography while Subender does the art direction.