The movie Aalakalam is based on the essence of a shocking truth.

*Alakalam is emerging as a masterpiece that the world will celebrate.

Alakalam* means deadly poison. The poison of deceit, intrigue, alcohol, drugs, and oppression plagues the world, in which the majority of the human race is trapped and crumbling.

A son who is brought up with ideals, a young man who fights for success, a girlfriend who asks for his hand with confidence, these are the times of deceit and intrigue that steal life*.

Did they recover from this?
Mother’s ambition, young man’s effort, girlfriend’s hope is the story of Aalakalam* movie.
The film has been directed by Jaya Krishna. Directors like Lokesh Kanagaraj, Uriyadi Vijayakumar, Karthik Naren have made their mark in the Tamil film world without being an assistant to anyone. Like them, Jayakrishna, who has directed the film, has also entered the field learning cinema through his own taste and search experience without being an assistant to anyone.

Easwari Rao, who starred opposite Rajini in Kaala, plays the lead role of Amma in the film.

Jayakrishna is the hero and Chandini is the heroine. Along with them, Deepa, Baba Bhaskar, Thangadurai, Gotandam, Sisarmanogar and many others have acted.
It is a family film full of love and affection.
Product. Sri Jai Productions.

The movie is full of action sentiment and is appreciated by all who have seen it. #Especially audit department officials. They have appreciated that it is a film made with a good social purpose beyond husband, wife, mother and family.

As for the Technical Committee,
Directed by Jayakrishna
Music – NR Raghunandan,
Cinematography – Ka. Satyaraj,
Editor – Mu. Kasiviswanathan,
Cinematography – Devendran
Choreography – Baba Bhaskar, Azhar.
Stunt. -Ramkumar,
Designs-Designpoint is a technology alliance.
Product. Sri Jai Productions.

Executive preparation. Mani Damodaran,
Public Relations – Shaktisaravanan

Aalakalam is releasing in theaters on April 5th and is being released by Genish under Action Reaction.