Produced by Murali Srinivasan under People Production House and co-produced by NV Creations Nagarajan, directed by Prashanth Nagarajan, the movie ‘Amico Garage’ stars Master Mahendran in the lead role. The film, which has been made into a commercial film that is enjoyed by all, will be released in theaters worldwide on March 15. Jenish is releasing the film all over Tamil Nadu on behalf of Action Reaction. In this case, the film’s press meet was held in the presence of friends of the press and media for the film crew to attend.In this event, actor Mahendran said…I’m never a hero, just your home boy. Thank you for always supporting me in these 30 years. I am afraid of cinema during the Corona period. I was afraid of what I was going to do. It was at that time that director Prashant arrived. He said that he will shoot the documentary first, and I said that I can film it myself. He said ok. His father came as a producer. Many friends and his family came forward to make it together. After many hardships, we have made this film. Not everyone here works for money. They have worked with dedication for this film. Please watch this movie and show your support. Thanks. Director Prashanth Nagarajan said…This is my first child, my first film. Everyone knows how important the first film is. Only after many difficulties, we have brought the film to the screen. We have made a good film. While waiting to write a story, I met Mahendran Anna and that’s where the film started. We met several producers for the film, but nothing worked out. Then many friends said they can make it together. Many people have made this movie together. Mahendran, not as an actor, but as his film, has endured till date. My thanks to him. GM Sundar Anna has played a very important role. He has acted with big legends like Kamal Sir. In sheeting he was hesitant about how to procure what I needed, but he got used to me very easily and gave me what I needed for the film. Dasarathi is from my first short film, a good friend who has done a good role. The heroine Adira has acted well. Balamurali Anna’s music is the biggest strength of this film. He and I had a good wavelength. I am happy with the response the songs are getting now. Ku Karthik would give five stanzas while giving the song, my thanks to him. Vijay Kumar is a very good friend. A six-year journey with him has produced a stunning filmography. Ashok Anna, you have given a good action block. Everyone has worked hard for me. Thanks to Mime Gopi Anna who gave the voice for this trailer. The film was 3 years of work and without my father none of this would have happened. Everyone will definitely like this movie. Thank you for watching the film and giving your support.Producer Nagarajan of NV Creations said…My thanks to everyone who came here to congratulate me. The director of the film is my son. I asked him what amico meant and he said amico means friend in Spanish. It is a film about friends. Master Mahendran was introduced to us as an actor and today has become one of our family. Everyone who has worked in the film interacts as a family. It was while making this film that I realized how difficult it is to make a film. Thank you for your support for this picture taken by my son.Jenish spoke on behalf of Action Reaction.Amigo’s name is the biggest strength of the film. The visuals are also superb. When it comes to business, there is a good reception everywhere. This film has got a good name in the screen circle. On behalf of Action Reaction, we are releasing the film all over Tamil Nadu. Good team provided excellent support. Thank you for supporting the film.Actress Adira Raj said…It is a great joy that the film, which we have been waiting for for 2 years, is now ready for release. When this film started, I didn’t know Tamil, now I have started speaking a little. We have happily made this film together as a family. You all will like the movie. Thanks.Actor Murali said…I came here as a friend of Mahendran. He has been the connecting people of this film. He has given opportunity to all his friends, congratulations to him. It should be said that the producer is not the father. Not everyone gets a father like this and I am jealous of the director. Director Prashanth and I have talked a lot and he has made a good film. Thanks to all of you who will definitely make this movie amaze you.Cinematographer Vijaya Kumar Cholaimuthu said…As it is the first platform, my thanks to the director for this opportunity. A good film. Everyone has worked hard. Thank you for supporting this film.Music composer Balamurali Balu said…Mahendran is like my brother. He called me and asked me to compose a good story. How can you not do it to him? That’s how I got into the film. Through that, he got another brother, director Prashanth Nagarajan. Producer Murali gave huge support. I have eaten with him in all the hotels in Chennai. Working on this film was a very pleasant experience. Ku Karthik wrote all the songs beautifully. He would always write 5 stanzas for a song. The movie is very good support the movie thank you.Stunt director Don Ashok said…My regards to all. There is a lot to say about Amigo Garage. The visuals and songs are all awesome. All the action scenes are superb. Mahendran is ready for any shot. He cooperated a lot and was amazing in action scenes. The director has become like a family. Now he is closer to what we cook and eat at home. The movie has come out very well please give your support to the movie.Lyricist Gu Karthik said…Amigo Garage is a fun film to work on. So far I have worked with music director Bala Murali as a comedy commercial and it was a very funny film. But this is an action drama film, I told Bala Murali a good opportunity for us. It was a pleasure to work in such a film. We have worked very hard and all the songs have come out well. The film should be brought to the attention of journalists and people. My thanks to all the producers and directors.Sound recorder Tony spoke…Amigo Garage is a very good movie. Thank you everyone for watching this movie in theaters and supporting the movie.Actor Dasarathi said…This is my first platform. Director Prashanth gave me a life changing moment. He is my friend, everyone here is friends. This is a film made by friends. We have made the film with dedication, thank you for supporting the film.Actor Muralitharan Chandran said…When director Prashant told me about this character, I said I don’t know how to act. He said he can buy it. He made me an actor. Now everyone has become close friends, thanks everyone for supporting this film.Shriko Udaya said…Thanks to media friends. Mahendran called during corona time and said he has 2 days work and come. I was looked after very well. During the Corona period, they took care of everyone so well. I am also happy to have acted in Amigo Garage. All the songs are good. My best wishes to both the composer and lyricist. The director is musically wise and has shot the film beautifully. I wish the film success.Actor Madana Gopal said…Our team was waiting for Amigo Garage. This group is new to me, Mahi is the only friend. But after the shooting, everyone has become a family now. I am happy to work in this team. Thank you all for supporting this film.Shakti Gopal said…This film would not have happened without Friends. Director Prashanth has given life to everyone. Everyone has worked hard to make this film. Thank you all for supporting this film.A young man’s journey through the life of a gangster, Amigo Garage is a thrilling commercial with an interesting screenplay. The film stars actor Master Mahendran in the lead role, GM Sundar, Dasarathi, Adira Raj, Sriko Udaya, Muralitharan Chandran, Madan Gopal, Shakti Gopal, Murali Kamal in lead roles.Written and directed by director Prashanth Nagarajan, the film is produced by Murali Srinivasan. VG co-produced by Ramachandran Perumal, Priya Katiravan and Ashwin Kumar.The film is composed by Balamurali Balu, cinematography by Vijay Kumar Solaimuthu and editing by Reuben.The film will hit theaters worldwide on March 15. Action Reaction Company is releasing the film all over Tamil Nadu.