Trailer release of ‘Aranmanai 4’, the fourth installment of the blockbuster hit directed by Sundar C!

Produced by Khushbu Sundar on behalf of Avni Cinemax (P) Ltd and A.C.S Arunkumar on behalf of Benz Media PVT LTD, the film ‘Aranmanai 4’ is the fourth installment in the Palace series, starring Sundar C and directed by Tamannaah, Rashi Khanna, Yogi Babu, Kowai Sarala. ‘. The trailer release ceremony of the soon-to-be-released film was held in the presence of film stars and media friends.

In this event..

Actress and producer Khushbu said…
Sundar C is the main reason for the successful completion of four parts of the film. I have been living with him for 30 years. He always thinks of how he can entertain the audience differently in every film. Both children at home are fans of horror movies. That is why he continues to shoot in this genre. The success of the film is due to the fans who come and enjoy it with their families in the cinema. Thanks to them. And thanks to Benz Media A.C.S Arunkumar sir for supporting us and all the artists who worked on the film. They say that two heroines cannot be together in a film. But in this film, Tamannaah and Rashid Khanna cooperated so much. My thanks to Coimbatore Sarala Ma’am and all the actors. Our home boy Hiphop Adi has composed music in an amazing way. The cinematographer has given superb visuals. My thanks to everyone. The film will be more spectacular than Palace 3 parts. Finally thanks to my husband Sundar C who is constantly working for our happiness.

Actor Santhosh Pratap said…
Working in Sundar C Sir is like working with our father and brother. He will take such good care. He will tell you clearly what he wants. Work is always fun. Working in this film was an unforgettable experience. This movie will definitely make you all happy.

Actor Jayaprakash spoke
It was only after 10 years of acting that I got an opportunity in Sundar Chi Sir. In every film we yearn to get a chance. When we work with a director who knows good work, we automatically get excited. I want to work with him in every film. Such a perfect director. He takes good care of the actors. This movie is definitely going to be a huge hit. Thanks to everyone.

VTV Ganesh said..
I did this film when Prabhas was doing a Telugu film. But suddenly Sundar C said take the moustache. I hesitated that the Prabhas film would be a problem. But I did because of Sundar C’s compassion. Looking at the frame now, it looks so gorgeous. Yogi Babu has had a super comedy workout with Sarala Madam. Sundar C used to say that the ghost never leaves us, and it has been proved in this film as well. He will live 120 years because of his wife. With such a wife, anyone can live to be over 100 years old. Congratulations to Sundar C. Congratulations on the film.

Actress Kovai Sarala said…
I am a company artist in this company. In every film, I will be there. Only Sundar C Sir can make such a big film. Even if you make a small mistake, he will find it right and correct it. Very talented. There is no one in Tamil cinema as experienced as him. It will not be like watching work in a film. The film will not be like other palace films. It will be even more spectacular. Tamannaah and Rashid Khanna have acted well. Wish the film success.

Actor Yogi Babu said…
Thanks to the producer Sundar C sir for giving me a chance in this film. When I was working in the film Kalakalappu, he called me and congratulated me as if a wheel is behind your head when you walk. With his blessings, my career in the film industry should be smooth. He should give a lot of opportunity. My thanks to everyone.

Actress Rashi Khanna said…
The trailer of this film is more spectacular than all palace films. This film will definitely be grander than any other film. Sundar C has shot the film beautifully. He is good at shooting commercial films like this. It was a lot of fun working on this film. I have worked with actress Tamannaah in a Telugu film. Now I am happy to act in Tamil. The film has come out awesome. Hip Hop Adi has given super songs. I am happy to be associated with the film. The movie will definitely entertain you all thanks.

Actress Tamannaah said…
Sundar C, Khushboo madam is like family to me. Money and opportunity are all there. They took such good care of me. If it is with Sundar C sir, what is the film?
I can do it anyway, I trust him so much. A very talented director. If he wants, he can make any kind of films with heroes. But he has made the story centered on women so that everyone can enjoy it, thanks to him. There is nothing that Khushboo madam cannot do. He excels in everything from cinema to politics. He is my inspiration. Rashi Khanna and I have already done a Telugu film. Best ko artist, so genuine. The one who loves me the most. He has done many beautiful films, congratulations. Coimbatore Sarala madam is very funny. I am happy to be associated with the film. I am also eagerly waiting for the release of this movie. Thanks

Music composer Hiphop Adi said…
Palace 4 is the sixth film with Sundar C Anna. Thanks to Anna for introducing me as a musician and a hero and having a lot of love and faith in me. Palace 4 will be the biggest hit of all the films. Both Tamannaah and Rashid Khanna are very beautiful. They acted so beautifully in the film. Yogi Babu, Madam Sarala Greetings to all. Thanks.

Director Sundar C said…
Hello everyone. I am now with the fourth part of Palace, and when I did the first part, I never thought it would turn into a series like this. The success of Palace 3 is the reason why this film was made. I never thought I could do this film for money. I started this film only because I got a good story and idea. After the film also got a brilliant idea. The invaders of our country did not go beyond the Brahmaputra on the Assam side as far as North India was concerned. When we ask why, we get an interesting point about the power of spirits called Pak. With that, we have made a very interesting story in Palace 4. I got this idea while working on another film. Can you work on it? I hesitated. At that time a little girl on a trip asked me when is Uncle Palace 4 coming?, she cleared my hesitation. I immediately started this film. My producers didn’t listen to the story. They gave full support. Everything in this film will be grander than the first three films, Palace. There are two heroines in the film, one heroine who looks at him at the same time will be scared, feel sorry for him and become the mother of the child, I thought who should be approached. But Tamanna agreed upon asking. He acted brilliantly. The film will show a different side of him in his career. This film will be his name making film. Rashikanna is a very comfortable artiste for me. He trusts me completely. He has done well in this movie. Comedy is important in the movie Palace. Comedy is the reason fans come to my film, let’s fulfill that. What we write on paper is only half, the artist has to make it whole. In that way Yogi Babu, Sarala Madam, VTV Ganesh, Singam Puli are all involved. All in all, Palace 4 is a very satisfying film. Aadhi has done something different in the background music unlike the usual ghost film. Thanks to my wife who always supports me. Thanks to everyone who worked on the film. The movie is coming in April thanks for your support.

The fourth part of the movie Palace has been made on a grand scale with a huge star cast and huge budget. Like the first three parts, director Sundar C has made this movie as a horror comedy where families forget their worries and laugh and celebrate.

The film stars Sundar C in the lead role, along with Tamannaah, Rashi Khanna, Yogi Babu, Kowai Sarala, KGF Ram, VTV Ganesh, Sesu, JP, Delhi Ganesh, Santhosh Kumar, Dheeraj Vishnu Ratnam, S.Namo Narayanan, Mottai Rajendran, Singambuli among others. It has a huge star cast.

Technical Committee

Production – Avni Cinemax (P) Ltd & Benz Media PVT LTD
Written Direction – Sundar C
Lyrics – Venkatesh
Music : Hiphop Tamil
Cinematography – Isaki Krishnasamy
Cinematography : Fanny Oliver
Art Direction – Ponraj
Martial Arts – Rajasekhar K
Stills – V.Rajan
Public Relations – Satish (AIM)

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