“Do you like Dhanalakshmi? Do you like Varamathi?” ; Devayani asked Parthiban a question on the stage.

“I am waiting for Aalagi-2” ; Parthiban request to producer

Is Thangar Bachchan directing ‘Azhagi-2’? Are you watching? ; Parthiban replied tactfully

“Even those who were not born when Azhagi was released will enjoy this film beautifully” ; Confident Re-Release Producer

Many good quality works that were enjoyed by the previous generation are now re-released in digital form and are getting good response from today’s young generation of fans. ‘Azhagi’, which melted everyone’s hearts, has now been transferred to digital and re-released in theaters today (March-29).

The promotion event for this was held yesterday evening at Chennai Prasad Label. Producer D. Udayakumar of Azhagi, hero Parthiban, heroine Devayani, Sathish Stephen who played young Parthiban, Ramu Saravanan, Katayan, Selvam who played Katachi, Saraswathi, distributor of Azhagi re-release Meenakshi Sundaram, Lyricist Karunanidhi, co. The director and the President of the Cinema Directors Association Thalapathy Raja were also present.

Sudarsan, who anchored it, mentioned that director Thankar Bachchan was running as a candidate for the Cuddalore constituency in the parliamentary elections and Nandita Das was in Mumbai and was unable to attend the event.

Lyricist Karunanidhi said, “Songs composed by Ilayaraja were the pillar of the film. Director Thangar Bachchan has told many problems of the society in this film. Devayani is the Lady Sivaji,” he praised.

Selvam, who played the role of Kattaiyan, is currently serving as an Indian Navy officer. While speaking, he said, “It is a pleasure to see this film re-emerging after 22 years. Thank you Thangarbachan sir for bringing us at a young age and giving us dialogues and making such a wonderful film. I am indebted to this film for bringing us, who were shadows of the night, into the light.”

Saraswathi, who played the role of Katachi, said, “I am now taking care of the family with three children. It is a great joy to watch my film again with my children. Thangar Bachchan sir contacted me after 22 years. I could not sleep that whole night. I doubted whether I would be in his memory. “There is only one regret that I could not see him when I came here,” he said

Ramu Saravanan, who played the eight-year-old Shanmugam, said, “I am the Shanmugam who brought the hole with a dowser. At the age of eight, watching the film, I didn’t understand anything. When I saw this film at the age when I started to know a little detail, it became necessary to watch this film every day. It caught that much. “This film will connect with the youth of today,” he said.

Satish Stephen, who played the role of 15-year-old Shanmukham, said, “It seems like 22 years have passed. But every day someone somewhere talks about the beauty. Alagi is an important film in my life. Since I was still in school when this film was shot, I didn’t really understand what kind of film it was. When I got to know the details, I was surprised that we have acted in such an epic film only after watching it. During the shoot, Tanger Bachchan sir said that even after 25 years, this film will connect with everyone again. In today’s era, love is easily available to everyone, so they don’t know its strength and beauty. But Shanmugam’s character continues to express his love to the woman he loves without hurting her in any way. At a time when commercial films were prevalent, Alaki was the film that revived romance. Everyone who acted in it got huge appreciation,” he said.

Meenakshi Sundaram, who is re-releasing Azhagi, said, “Earlier I released the film ‘Vetiyaadu Phradu’. 25 days ran successfully. After that I released 96 movie on Valentine’s Day and 96 theaters were set up for that movie right across Tamil Nadu. Similarly, I started the re-release work of this beautiful film to reach the present youth. This film is releasing in 50 theaters in Tamil Nadu. I hope this film will be a source for today’s youth to remember their past.

Thalapathy, who is the co-director of Azhagi and the current President of the Small Screen Directors Association, said, “Even after 22 years of the release of the film, there is still a lot of information about this film.
I am sick. At the time when this film started, both Thangar Bachchan and I met the producer Udayakumar and told him this story and got his consent that day. We chose the main stars for this film easily.. but to find the childhood characters we went to many schools and selected the students in person. So when we went to a school we woke up someone who was sleeping without noticing us. We were surprised to see him who was the original print in the likeness of Parthiban sir. But he later said that he did not really sleep and that he did so because he was afraid that they would call him if they saw him looking like Parthiban.

Similarly, the selection of Monica, who played the role of young Nandita Das, is also interesting. We auditioned 25 girls of almost the same age and selected one named Jennifer and the next day we were preparing to leave for the shoot. At that time, when I randomly went to the actor’s association, I got a photo of Monica through someone there, and when I invited her for an audition, I found her to be very suitable for the young character of Nandita Das. After that, the next day he went straight to the shoot.

When the work for the film started, Nandita Das, who played the heroine, called me and said, “Don’t take it wrong, I will refund your money.” Because I don’t know Tamil that much.. You said that you have less verse. But he said you have now sent me too many verses. Then we convinced them and wrote another version of the dialogues and made him act.

Parthiban sir has also gone angry a few times. I convinced him and brought him. Even Devyani madam got a small cap that time (As soon as he said this, Devayani looked back at him, what cap fell? This is the first film I signed the contract for right after my marriage.. She replied that there was no cap). After the completion of this film, we screened the film to a leading producer. After watching the film and saying nothing, he invited the producer to his office for a week, why did you make such a film? Don’t spend a single penny on this movie anymore. He said that it can also end in loss. I have seen from close quarters how much pained the producer was then.

After that many producers and distributors saw this film. I saw that everyone who watched the movie wiped their eyes and cried without realizing it. So everyone was reluctant if they thought that the film would sell immediately. Beyond all that, Azhagi has created such a great history. When the producer is depressed, this film does not have a unique story.. But I would encourage him that both men and women of any age will easily relate to this film. Now even during the re-release, when he was a bit hesitant, I gave him courage that even people who were not born at the time of release will enjoy this film beautifully,” he said.

When actress Devyani speaks,

“Releasing our film again after 22 years is a happy moment. When we acted in this film 22 years ago, we never thought that it would be released once again. Truly this is a miracle beyond our imagination. It happened then.. and it is happening now.. It is a happy moment for all of us to celebrate. Making a movie is like giving birth.. After making a movie 22 years ago and releasing it successfully, after all these years he is re-releasing the same movie. Hats off to the producer. This is not an ordinary thing. After all these years we see each other and it’s a happy thing. All the children who acted in it have grown up. Such beautiful films should be re-released and brought to the present generation. They can learn something from this.

Thangar Bachchan sir was the cinematographer in my first film Kadhal Kottai. The film went on to win the National Award. I also got a big name and it was a big turning point in my life. After that the renaissance earned me a good name. After that, when Bharti was made, it was Thangar Bachchan who asked me to play the role of Chellama. Similarly, I have worked with him in many films. Excellent cinematographer, director. His cinematography is like a painting. In his cinematography, we don’t even need to put on make-up. You can come and act naturally and leave. He is a creator who can play with emotions.Thangar Bachchan asked him to act in this film. I really liked the character design that a wife will not leave her husband in practical life no matter what the love is. I loved that feeling. Varakmati is a real character. So I immediately agreed. To that extent he had faith in creation. I am going to watch this movie in the theater with my daughters. I got something that not everyone gets. I think I am very giving. I have acted in many successful films with Parthiban sir. Beauty is one of them..

Now I have a question for Parthiban sir.. Do you like Valarmati? Do you like crap?” He also threw a catchy question!
When asked the question, all the journalists forgot him and clapped, Devayani said, “Answer me now, sir. I will answer when I speak.”

Producer Udayakumar said, “You can see the happiness on the faces of all the actors in this film. How much they suffered for this. They even stayed in small houses in Panruti and acted. Seeing all of them after 22 years feels like seeing a friend after a long time. If I thought why should I re-release this Alagi film, my teenage grandsons will watch this Alagi film on TV only.. Then they will ask me, Grandpa, can we not watch it on the big screen? My friends asked the same question. After that I spoke to Thangarbachan and Thalapathy about it.. Since I had been away from cinema for 20 years, I heard about its re-release and now we have completed all the digital works like 4K and 5.1 sound for it and brought it to the screen.

During those school days, after leaving the school, there were many things to do like playing in the field with friends and bathing in the river. But today’s kids have none of that. Now we give them various burdens in childhood itself. Similarly, how did they hesitate to say love in those days? How many love went without saying? Today instant love has become instant love breakup. People nowadays don’t like to watch old movies even on TV. That is why we are re-releasing this beauty for the sole reason that we want to show this film to the youth of today.

Actor Parthiban says, “Thankar Bachchan is a wonderful storyteller. Other than him, no one else could have made this film a success. He would come to me and ask me sir who is the other director if he leaves me to make a good film. I am a director.. he asks me that. Now he is talking about the same thing in the election campaign. So surely he is the MP of tomorrow of that constituency. Best wishes to him in advance.

All the things that the general said here are true. But truth has no respect in the country. Distributors generally have an idea. But it was the fans who broke it through films like Alagi. All the girls we love may have different names. But one name they all have in common is ‘Alagi’. The re-release of this film is proof of how much lovers are still attracted to love even after 22 years. Lovers may lose. But love never fails. That’s why this beauty did not lose.

As Shanmugam had a love, Valarmati would have come closer if he had said that. Generally, women take care of the family and care for their husbands in every way, so many people like their wives more than their girlfriends. Even in this poster, Devyani’s picture should be bigger than Nandita Das’s. The reason is that there is a huge fuss over something we don’t get. But we don’t understand the glory of what we get. I will always say that Varamathy is such a glorious character. (Have you got an answer to your question Devayani?) . Devayani’s character and the way she acted in it was excellent.

Within two days of the shooting of this film, Nandita Das told me that I don’t think it will be a set and I am leaving. But he said in an interview recently that I helped him act in the film by telling him the dialogues during the shooting. Many people who watched this film said that it should increase the scenes of Parthipan and reduce his childhood scenes. But the children’s portion is the most important reason for the film’s success. Keeping that in mind, I am currently shooting an adventure thriller called Teens with 13 children.
It will be released next month.

Devayani called Alagi a magic film. That’s what I call the blindfold trick in Tamil. A veterinarian like Shanmugam would not have taken his girlfriend as a maid if he saw her in such a situation. You can buy a cottage and buy a sewing machine and honor her there. I asked Thangar Bachchan this doubt on the very first day of shooting. But this is not a story about a girlfriend, it is a story about the love inside everyone’s heart and told them to act without asking questions. That is what keeps talking about this film even after so many years.

Alaghi re-release is a success and this film should become Azhagi-2. Thangarbachan’s long wish.. Nandita Das even while talking to me said that I am waiting for Alagi-2. I will tell producer Udayakumar here that I am also waiting,” he said.

Later Parthiban Devayani gave many interesting answers to the questions of the journalists,

“Have you ever had girlfriends like this in real life? Did you experience seeing them again? When asked to the observer,
“What I felt when I saw Nandita Das at Rotoram has happened many times in reality, and I wish to have it happen many times. Even the name of my next book is ‘Leading love blossoms’.. Love does not come and go only once. It will keep coming. If the re-release of Alaghi becomes a huge success, we will be happy if the producer buys us at least a small house.
On the one hand, when asked how he sees re-releases of old films when theaters are not available for new ones, he said, “Always good stuff, even if it’s old, comes back again and again like waves. Even this beauty film is another version of Devdas. It’s a great stadium. Anyone can play.. Why do they release big movies during Pongal Diwali? Release small films at that time.. because the release of films of big actors is a festival like Diwali and Pongal..?

I am going to remake my Pudiya Padhaowithout re-releasing it. After 33 years, I am going to remake the film again playing the hero myself. I named it ‘Dark Web’. After the release of my film ‘Teens’ I will start working on it.

When she was acting as an actress, she left it and went to work as a school teacher. When Nandita Das and I talked often after the success of Alagi, I prepared a story. But it’s not Beauty 2. But only Shanmugam and Dhanalakshmi will be there. After hearing that story, he also said OK. But then Thangar Bachchan said that he will not give permission for it. He said that it should not be taken under the name of ‘Azhagi 2’. But even now Nandita Das is asking when are you starting this film. The reason why I wished Thangar Bachchan sir to go to parliament is because I want to direct this film Aalaki 2.. I am a terrible selfish person.

Ilayaraja Sir is 51 percent of the beauty. The remaining 49 percent is us. In this period, Rajini sir is the only ten, Vijay Sethupathi on this side, another big heroine is needed on that side. Kamal Haasan is needed on this page as Mani Ratnam Tenth.. He is needed as Tenth in Bhagat Pass. While struggling so much, I am making a film called ‘Teens’ with only 13 talents. After watching this film, if you all give a lot of respect !